So You Think You Can Dance...

musicchica86 said:
That's exactly what happens when non-dancers vote. It happened on DWTS, and it's happening now. It's also what happens when non-singers vote on American Idol and Rockstar: INXS.
Well, the difference is American Idol is to pick an 'Idol'. There are plenty of big star singers who are not great singers but only have OK voices. However, they ARE stars.

But SYTYCD is a bit different. It's not about winning a performing contract. It is about dancing & who can dance.

I'm sorry, Jamile is just not a versatile dancer. All he could do was hip hop!

The other top 5, I must say, they've come thru well. Artem should have been in the mix. Mary, bless her heart! Her speech was quite moving.

So talk about the top 5. I was surprised that now Ashle has become my favorite ! She could totally transform into a ballroom gal! She was so beautiful in the Smooth Waltz (wish they had more real waltz steps. were there any? :)) The lines were just great!

Melody has really improved. Loved her performance tonight in the partner dance.

Solo wise, Ashle & Kamila totally rocked!
I agree that Artem should have made it through this week since he has proven himself to be more versatile. But, I don't think he would (or should) have beat Nick or Blake for a spot in the final.

I loved the disco routine -- it was so fun. And it feels like Melody is really starting to put herself into the performance, which makes it all the more interesting to watch. The broadway routine was equally as good. I think they are lucky to have pulled those two dances from the hat -- I wonder how they would have done with something like A. tango.

The waltz was good. They hit beautiful lines and I thought protrayed the character of the dance. Blake sticks his butt out, though (and did during the A. tango as well). Also, whenever they had to do waltz steps in a semi-closed position they took really tiny steps. Blake's triple spins to the hat rack was just cool. But I agree with the judges that I didn't feel any heat from their performance.

Jamile and Kamilah were so-so for me. I wasn't fond of the hip hop choreography and the Jamile was so flat-footed during the jive.
My poor husband couldn't stand watching Blake's butt sticking out. It drove him bonkers. But he did think that the waltz was pretty (in it's own way).

We all want Jamile to GO HOME! Multi-faceted? Only if you call different versions of Hip-Hop multi-faceted.....
Okay, so we know that Michael Mead did the Waltz choreography, and that judge Brian F did the Hip Hop choreography, but does anyone know who did the other routines?
i always see a lot of people bashing jamile on here. i'm not saying he deserves to win or anything, however, i think that some people aren't aware of what hiphop is.

it may seem like a bunch of movements without any real form, posture, or thechnique, but being able to make it look good (especially popping) is quite difficult. it may not seem as difficult as the other dance styles such as jazz and ballroom, but it is. jamile may not be able to dance all the other dance styles perfectly, but could you imagine if artem or nick, or even blake tried to pop as well as jamile? it wouldn't turn out as good.

each of the dancers have their own strengths and weaknesses, depending on what they pull out of that hat could determine whether they stay or go. just thought i'd share this little tid bit with all of you.

note: i'm still waiting to see blake do a hiphop routine
new-ish said:
Okay, so we know that Michael Mead did the Waltz choreography, and that judge Brian F did the Hip Hop choreography, but does anyone know who did the other routines?
Brian also did Nick and Melody's disco routine... wasn't it awesome?

I don't know this for sure, but Mark Weiss may have done the Jive, as I know he has had something to do with the Latin choreography as of very recently (either the last show or the next).
He has a bio here: w w w.
numba1 said:
i always see a lot of people bashing jamile on here. i'm not saying he deserves to win or anything, however, i think that some people aren't aware of what hiphop is.
I think Jamile is VERY entertaining. His music choices are what I love to have bumping in my car (old school). Would I have liked to see Artem stay an extra week, yes, do I think Jamile should be ahead of either Nick or Blake, no, but someone had to go, so I'm not mad.
I think that Nick and Melody should win. They both continue to push the envelope and deliver each time. I was bored with Blake and Ashley. Jamile and Kamile (?) were ok - Nick and Melody knocked them out of the water.

Speaking of Jamile - I think he's great at hip hop, but that's about it. Blake is good at lyrical, but that is it as well. Artem was great - I loved watching him move. He should have been in the top 3.
I like Jamile a lot, and think he's got a lot of personal style and charisma. I would so love to see him on the competitive ballroom circuit, because I think he moves beautifully already what with the tiny amount of "crash course" training he's had thus far. I hope he makes it into the final two men, but I'm afraid it's going to be a Nick-versus-Blake lyrical gymnastics fest. Anyway, I'd love to see Jamile in anything -- when I watch him, he makes me think of Gregory Hines. Jamile has lots of potential and could do all kinds of dance related things, not just poppin' and other hip-hop related forms.

My favorite woman at this point is Ashle'. I hope she wins the whole thing, but I have a feeling it will all go to Blake in the end.
I luv it!

I have been a working dancer in LA for quite some time and I luv "So you think you can dance?" I think it's about time that dancing gets back in the spotlight. I luv to turn it on and yell at the screen when I disagree with the judges! I think it's great that these dancers have an opportunity to show their stuff!
Can you believe Blake is out of the running? It wasn't too surprising, since they turned 100% of the decision to the audience last week, and I don't think anyone can forget his attitude from the earlier part of the season.

I voted for both Melody and Nick. Ashle was also up there for me. Jamile is a great dancer, but he missed far too many hand connections, even in the Jazz number.

On a side note...

If ever you go to a comedy movie with Mary, she laughs just as loud, in a packed theater, so in case anyone thought she was drinking something other than pineapple juice, I just wanted to clarify - she's just being Mary :)
I was shocked to not see Blake in the final 4!

Nick & Ashle are definitely my favorite. Ashle can be such awesome 10 dancer :) She's so hot doing salsa. Nick is simply amazing. Unbelievably cool.

Loved that surprise round. Being the first one to go wasn't that fair, but Ashle somewhat pulled it off. Jamile actually did a very good solo in the surprise round. I was impressed by his jazz & that last solo. His own solo was too subdue for this final 4 performance.

I have to go back to the tape to watch the 1st 15min (didn't come home until then) - which would include the Paso from Nick/Melody...

I would also agree w/ the judges that Nick outdanced Jamile in Jamile's own style! Nick was just so versatile! His standard/smooth was subpar to Ashle's though :)
I agree!

I too voted for Nick and Melody last week!

Nick is so amazing! He just gets better every week!

I agree with Porfirio that Blake's attitude got him kicked off the show! Although I was not a fan of Blake's because of his attitude, I have to give him props on last week's show! He killed it!

And yes....did you see Nick rock that hip hop routine! I was yelling at the TV it was so hot!

And I'm so glad you said that about Mary...I seriously thought she was drunk! :lol: Thanks for clarifying!
Re: I agree!

Natasha Paz said:
And I'm so glad you said that about Mary...I seriously thought she was drunk! :lol: Thanks for clarifying!
I think Mary adds quite a bit of entertainment to the show :) She's too funny. And of course Nygel's "over" reaction to her & the rest of the judges' chuckle all made show that much more fun to watch.
I was also surprised to see Blake go but I guess his cocky attitude didn't win him many fans. I thought he was awesome dancer.

I really enjoyed the men's duo dance more than the women's duo, although I thought the girls were great, I didn't care for the dance itself. Mary was a total crack up! Drinks or not, she was funny.

So who do you think is going to win it all? Who would you vote for?

I wonder if Nick and Blake split the vote a little since they are very similar in style (although not personality)?

As good as the dancing was last night, I think I enjoyed last week's show more -- the broadway and disco routines were just so much fun!

Who should win? I haven't a clue. They are all so good I don't want to choose just one. :D
I really liked last night's show. I think they finally figured out what the goal of the show is (find America's Most Versatile Dancer) and then focused the show to meet that goal.

I was very impressed with Ashle's ability to save that Salsa and the judges were pretty kind to Jamile afterwards.

I do have to admit that there is usually one dance a week that I have to watch over and over again like Artem/Ashle Foxtrot, Nick/Kamilah Disco.. but I couldn't find one last night that bore repeating.

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