So You Think You Can Dance...

I also thought the dancing the week before was better too, but I did enjoy the guys duo dance... more than the girls duo dance. I just think they danced better. I didn't catch what day they would announce the winner. Does anyone know??
From the Fox website:
The most exciting dance competition on TV comes to a close with NICK the winner! NICK is soon off to New York City to pursue her/his dancing dreams with $100,000 and a luxury apartment overlooking central park. Be sure to check back later today for an exclusive interview with NICK!
Ah interns... ;)
It's sort of cute that Nick and Melody, who are best friends, were the top two. What were the chances of that? Melody seemed very happy for him that he won instead of her. I wonder if she secretly wanted to slap him. (just kidding!)

On TV they announced that Nick gets $100,000, and a beautiful aparment in NY with the rent paid for a year. I thought that he would at least get some type of dancing contract. So he still has to look for his own job. I guess that's good in one way and he has money to tide him over until he does.

They also said stay tuned for another season of dancing but not exactly when they would start again.
I was checking out the website for the SF Salsa Congress (actually in Oakland this year) and they said that Artem had just confirmed to teach to classes and perform this year (Nov 17-20)

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