Soaring gas prices


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Not to get boring and long-winded, here, but innovation, R&D, and affordable manufacturability are all separate things. You gotta have all three, to get an affordable piece of new technology in your garage (or your livingroom or wherever,) IMO.
True, i work for a software company and r&d "supposed" to be where our major expenses are, but we run our company rather conservatively...... that is why we're neither the market leader nor has gone bankrupt!
yep, and the problem is, once you succeed, there's bunch of copy cats that are right behind you ready to share that big fat profit!
remind me of the debate i had when i was in school about the generic brand drugs....let's not go there, i'm sure this is not a pretty topic to talk about!

P.S. I heard on the news that the gas price will keep on climbing, does this mean i should go and fill up my car??


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Gas prices here rose fifteen cents in the past five days. If you fill up now, chances are, you'll save some money. If you wait, the gas is almost guaranteed to cost you more. :(
i just spent $35CDN ($3.50U.S./gallon) on gas....i miss the days when it only takes $20 to fill up my tank (ah, the good old price war days!)
when we had a price war a few years back (oh, that was when arco first opened in vancouver, i think), the gas price went down to as low as $1.01US/gallon, is that considered cheap by u.s. standard??


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Now it is.

The lowest prices I remember within the past decade were around 70 cents a gallon -- a glut of oil on the market, IIRC. So, given the tax differences, your dollar a gallon makes sense. 8)
wow...the gas has more than tripled than the past couple of years.... i don't remember anyone's salary increasing by THAT much!!
lynn said:
when we had a price war a few years back (oh, that was when arco first opened in vancouver, i think), the gas price went down to as low as $1.01US/gallon, is that considered cheap by u.s. standard??
Extremely. I've been keeping records since 1994 and have seen gas cheaper than $1.01/gallon exactly 3 times, once in 1995 and twice in 1997.
There has been a suggestion by a well-known economist to impose a large (like 50 cents/gallon) federal gas tax but compensate by lowering the income tax. Apparently the positive effects of the income tax break on the economy would far overcome the negative effects of the gas tax hike. Now, one would expect poor families who might have to opt for a longer commute due to cheaper housing in the exurbs to get hit hard by the tax hike, but interestingly enough there's a 1991 MIT study that claims the lower income brackets aren't going to be highly affected.

This is all, of course, a moot point because such tax hikes will never get approved, seeing how gas prices are a tangible everyday expenditure that everyone's riled up over anyhow. Which is a pity, because I'd love to see gas taxes on par with Canadian or European levels, with the revenue going to fund public transit.

Not that it would do too much good on the whole. American transportation is so car-centered it's sickening. All regional transit systems are woefully underfunded, as is Amtrak. A significant gas tax hike would help fix existing transit systems in major metropolitan areas, but the rest of the country is hopeless. Across-the-board gas tax hike to subsidize public transit wouldn't sit well with the majority who would never see its benefits. That's why regional transit is typically funded through sales tax, although funding via gas tax is more sensible and probably more stable.

Basically, America is thirld world when it comes to public transit, and sadly I don't see this changing anytime soon, the political system being what it is.
now that i think about it, i remember the gas tax vs. income tax theory, i thought it was a wonderful idea when i was in school - afterall, i didn't own a car back then!
The U.S. has enjoyed low energy prices for so long. I think that has made us stupid and sloppy (duh, it would be siiick to get a bigger SUV and put in a lift kit :roll: .)

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