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since I don't dance with women, I don't know how often they teach while dancing at socials....I know that I have had far too much of it from men at socials....and it hasn't become less frequent over time...which I think IS significant given the fact that there is not likely to be a man in this half of my state attending socials who has had as much quality instruction as I have had....I find it easier to simply do my best to satisfy whatever it is they think that I am not achieving without their information...I mean, who cares?...if I can do something that they think is more to their liking, why not?


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I do dance with women sometimes through instruction, and if they're just sitting at socials, but even if you don't dance with women at socials, you might have observed it happening at socials. Without repeating anything (this time around- until next thread, I guess?), I guess it's just more about ego than ability for some of these situations.


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As far as I'm concerned:
1. Look like you want to dance. Don't hang out in the break room all night.
2. Don't criticize your partners.
3. Don't lean on your partner's frame.
4. Have reasonable hygiene.

All the rest is negotiable. Don't make it too complicated.

Admittedly, your mileage may vary.


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Exactly- when, for whatever reason, I DO NOT want to dance something, I will head to the break room. There's only one guy who's socially oblivious, and will trot right after me (not just me- he's imprinted on one other teacher, too, and we take turns shoving each other in front of the train because we're warped harpies) and then haul me out and mop the cobwebs off the ceiling with me for four minutes and twenty-two seconds of, ironically, 'Leave Me Alone' by Natalie Imfuglia. I liked that song once. Now, I just go to my happy place with Sam Witwer's dimples, shiny objects, and fried mac n' cheese until it's over.


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Although, now, I'm wondering if I smell bad. I carry body spray in my shoe-bag, but that's only because my shoes smell like curdled death when I take them off.


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I saw this lady once. She was wearing a very fitted, very short dress that kept riding up. Excellent dancer she was, but I think I would feel uncomfortable WITH her if I were dancing with her.


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You'd rather watch, I take it ;)
LOL. No. I would feel like I have to dance lightly and lead lightly to prevent the dress from riding too much...or other worse mishaps.

I would rather wear fitted than flared...in terms of not sharing more than I intend
Fitted can work if it's not too short.

(Seriously... a tight-fitting skirt makes any smooth or standard difficult, especially tango.)
Anything that binds your thighs together makes ANY dance difficult. I saw a competition video once where this lady wore a dress like we're talking about. It was quite a sight when the time came to jive.

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