Some of my favourite swing clips


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So the International Lindy Hop Championships just happened, and there are so many good videos, but here are a few faves. This only scratches the surface.



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Yeah these are awesome, I watched some of the ilhc competitions on their live stream, that was quite late at night for me but very fun. Have to give shoutouts to Ben and Ash who won the advanced-strictly. London based teachers where I've been fortunate enough to go to a workshop they've taught, very nice people and good dancers.
You should have been there to see it live! The energy was incredible! I didn't think ILHC could surpass my expectations from last year, but sure enough they did it again!

We all got goosebumps after seeing the performance in this vid below:



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I'm very jealous that you got to be there. The flight across the Atlantic is just too expensive for me to be able to even consider going to events in the US pretty much.

Wanted to post this one here, Max and Thomas reprised their love me or leave me routine again recently and it's always brilliant to watch.



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This was a really fun one, but I also later realized that it seems to be the only dance between these two recorded online. That's how Jack & Jills go -- some people seem to keep drawing the same partners and some almost never dance together.


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The camerawork at The Snowball (in Sweden) just got a mention by Jerry Almonte... multiple camera angles and cuts on the music, oh my!

Lindy Focus also posted a ton of videos. Maybe I'll pick out a few later.

Steve Pastor

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Funny story...

I finally opened a link a friend sent me about a week ago. One thing that caught my eye was that it was recorded in Munich. As I listened, I though, I bet Siggav would like this because of the music. I checked a few threads, and... there it is... the first video in this thread.
They are so much fun to watch, looking forward to doing a weekend workshop in january with them.
I had the pleasure of attending Jitterbug Weekend (where the demo in the video took place) with those two! They are incredible and very challenging!! Be sure to tell us of your experience!


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West coast swing is not one of my dances, so I'm not too up to date to what's going on and who's who etc but this is a super fun and musical jack n jill.


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