Son of So---How Was Your Dance Weekend?

Steve Pastor

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Currently going through a slump. Five dances over three hours. I miss the people that aren't at my usual hangout anymore who I could really dance with, (if you know what I mean) and have not yet committed to establishing new partners; maybe because I'm not that jazzed about dances I've been doing for so long

Steve Pastor

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That slump didn't last long. Good dances both Friday and Saturday. Had the pleasure of finding someone who had a non dancing spouse. She was really enjoying the two step we did - BIG smile. She knew who Skippy Blair was, and we had a pretty dynamic West Coast. When we started a Nite club (our first dance?) she said something like, you must be counting (in a good way.) Just dancing in time with the music, I replied.


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Did some social dancing, mostly as a leader. The floor was crowded. Not sure what to think. There was one woman who said she was silver level and she followed a quickstep really easily - I wish that I'd had a chance to dance with her again; I did OK with an open-level dancer with waltz; and did respectably with one woman who said she never danced before, and we got round the dance floor with waltz change steps pretty well. But other women who have had training and with whom I have danced with before, well, it was really hard - nothing that I led seemed to work, so they auto-defaulted into routines, which made things even worse for me because routines just weren't possible on the crowded floor. I was kind of glad that I had to leave before the end of the evening.


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I attended the studio party last night. There was quite a mix of first-timers and open-level dancers and everything in between. On the whole I was kind of encouraged. I did a bit more leading than following, and I didn't have to do very much of the asking - I was asked to dance by both men and women, by those who know me and by those who didn't. There was one odd encounter last night when a woman came up to me and asked me to dance with her husband, and when I walked over to him with her, he looked at me, gave me a look of complete disgust and said "Ugh - not with HER!" and marched away.

One take-away from the evening is that if I'm going to do more social dancing, I'm going to have to pick up some basic skills for leading American Smooth and Rhythm.
Cal -

It's so nice to hear someone talk about social dancing. I know so many on this website are competitors and do showcases but choose not to dance socially. Frankly, I love the challenge of leading all kinds of dance follows - both newbies and those who have years more experience than I do. The latter can be a humbling experience for me, of course, but the utter unpredictability of dancing socially with many different people, including people I don't know makes me a stronger dance lead, I think.

Sorry to hear about your "odd encounter" though...that was just weird. Maybe he just panicked and was awkward in his wording. Either that or he needs to learn some manners.


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Went to a 18:00-22:00 milonga. Chaotic cortinas. Sometimes three-minute long, sometimes no cortina at all. Twice as many men, I had all the time in the world (well, only four hours actually) to count. While I stayed sit the whole time, the other guys took it more realistically and started inviting eachother.


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Saturday there was this demo by a tango school where I used to be a pupil some years ago. Not in a milonga but in the hall of some building belonging to the city. I greeted my former teacher and some pupils whom I recognized, then I sat with the onlookers. I was not part of the scholl any more, I had not brought my dance shoes. And my casual shoes were brand new, not comfortable yet, not accustomed to my feet.

The schedule was, the teacher would first perform two dances with her partner, then for the three next songs the couples of pupils would join and dance basic steps on a very large circle around them while they would perform fancy stuff. Problem, the said partner was near but nor finding a place to park his car. Meanwhile the clock was ticking. There was other demos scheduled afterwards. The teacher negociated a delay. Her cell phone rang, good news, partner had found a place for his car. But quite far away. He would be a 10-minute walk for him. The teacher then changed her plans and went to her pupils: the demo would begin with the group dances. While the teacher was explaining to the local DJ that he would have to play the songs in a different order, all the couples formed a large circle. Then the teacher went to the center of this circle and realized that, group or not, she had still no leader.

"Come!" she said while grabbing my wrist.


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Two musicians and a singer had been hired by the host of the Sunday milonga. Unfortunately for the singer, everything that may go wrong with her microphone, went wrong. The audience did not boo her though, the dancers all moving as silently as they could. I quickly composed a song and mailed it to her. It has to be sung on the music of Tu corazon
Here it goes:

Il se disait qu'la soirée serait magique
Il se disait qu'ma voix, ma technique,
Feraient vibrer les danseurs de tango,
Boosteraient cette soirée à Fuego.

Un seul foutu fil électrique,
qu'j'avais acheté à Prisunic,
ruina ma vocalisation!

Guitare et bandoneon
ont pas d'problème de son,
mais moi j'ai beau chanter,
J'ai beau m'égosiller,
Les gens entendent que dalle,
j'm'esquinte les amygdales,
Dieu sauve-moi d'la saturation.

La sono montrait sa roublardise,
mais l'public me voyant dans la mouise,
se mit à danser très mollo,
pour n'pas couvrir mes trémolos.

Larsen en invité surprise,
L'micro qui rentre pas dans sa prise,
fichent en l'air mes stridulations!

Trahie par le câble réseau
et les mauvais contacts,
J'aligne mes couplets
Mezzo mezzo mezzo
Le public est fair-play,
réagit avec tact,
danse avec précaution
et me sauve d'la saturation.
Back to what may now be called the old haunt. Dj'd but there is the promise of live jazz bands on multiple nights next weekend. The only issue is there will be competitions. I am beginning to hate competitions because they break the night up. The quickest way to kill the feet is to sit down.

Danced with the regulars. One follow who I have danced with before many-a-times was in the groove and truly appreciated it. One of the more advanced follows didn't have her spine wired up so it was quite pleasant. Must have danced with her early in the night.

Also did some solo experimenting. Been trying to solve the puzzle of doing swinged up dnb. I figure the x-out will be necessary but you can keep the harlem shakes down.


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Sunday morning, I mailed to my dance partner a report about a Saturday afternoon milonga that I attended without her, while she mailed to me a report on a Saturday night milonga that she attended without me.
Sunday night we were at the same milonga. She was wearing for the first time a dress that I bought her for her birthday and every other woman around came to her with envy.
"Thanks for the dress, you sure know to choose them" she told me.
"- I doubt so. But I know how to choose a follower."

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