Son of So---How Was Your Dance Weekend?

Great fun at our studio last pm. We had a special guest - Denny Terrio! He is still very handsome, by the way.

I tried out a new event (new to me, anyway) last night. It was a ballroom dance. Extremely nice people and I knew a few folks there to talk to...but 90 percent of the attendees only danced with their own partners. That left about half a dozen single women, including me, sitting out a lot. The organizer/teacher danced with us, and a few other guys did, but still, there weren't enough men, so it was frustrating. I doubt if I'll go back there. :(

I would love to do more ballroom, but this is a common problem and makes it not much fun for a single woman. I end up going mostly to salsa or swing dances, because there is a much better gender balance and plenty of partner rotation.


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Went social dancing last night. Had a mix of reliable, fun leads, one quite splendid; some new ones who had never tried me before; and a couple who were in town from Maine, who were delightful. Had a few delicious Bolero moments; it's wonderful to find someone who really, really loves Bolero. At least one 3MC, and only a very few guys tried to teach me on the social dance floor; of them, only one felt compelled to point out that I was Doing It Wrong, and this in foxtrot, my favorite. I simply could not figure out if he was doing bronze/social or continuity foxtrot, and kept trying to adjust; he read it as "rushing the beat." Not bad, all things considered.


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Something that aggravated me last night was when I couldn't figure out what the flying %^&* someone was trying to do and they'd look at me like "What are YOU DOING?!"


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I danced with several men who are currently in a Dance Academy. I encouraged them to count out loud for me when they led things I didn't know which was alot 'cause I've never learned American Rhythm. They seemed surprised. Said ladies usually don't like teaching at a social but it was fun for me.


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Last night people who used to ignore me finally asked me to dance. It could be because I'm a red head now. I used to have blond ends and dark roots down past my ears, it looked awful. A handful of people didn't recognize me immediately.


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I know this thread is supposed to be about what already happened, but I'm using it to mention that DH and will probably take a break from ballroom to attend the San Francisco Free Folk Festival ( next weekend, at least on Saturday. I had never heard of it before last week, but some friends recommended it.

The classes appear to cover quite a mixture of music and dance from everywhere in the world. Then the party on Saturday evening should be interesting ... two hours of international folk dance, then two hours of vintage ballroom!

Class of particular interest on Saturday ... Hungarian at 12:00 (live music for teaching, just like a real tanchaz ... my sources tell me the class will cover three simple figures from Mezosegi). Of particular interest on Sunday ... Jane Austen's Dances at 2:00 and Zweifacher (dances composed of 2/4 and 3/4 bits) at 5:00.


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Thanks to the folks in Louisville who made last night's social a great night. I hope someone from there is on DF and gets the message. I appreciated the courtesy, and the fun -- and the dancing.

Thx, folks.


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Do you ever get the feeling that you might be surrounded by DF lurkers and not know it? Really strange, but entirely possible. A community organization that I work with is in the process of going online -- FB, twitter, discussion forum, etc.

I came within an inch of mentioning my online experience in DF. Then I thought. "Oh Dear Lord. Somebody in this room probably knows pygmalion. Maybe I'd better keep my mouth shut." :lol: With millions of DF page views a month, it's fairly likely that you danced with a lurker last night.

Cool. Creepy, but cool. :cool:

Phil Owl

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Last night's Atlanta Metro Dancesport dance was just WONDERFUL!

EVERY dance was pure joy, and some of the highlights for me were:

A Hustle with a competitive dancer that I just didn't want to end, yes I enjoyed it that much, and she sure was creative too!

Foxtrot with a pro/teacher (who did a Cha-Cha performance earlier in the evening to AC/DC's "You Shook Me All Night Long"),that had me in STITCHES, she has this way of making you laugh with her facial expressions, and she sings while dancing too, quite nicely I must add. She also gave me a great compliment on how creative my dancing was.

Odd coincidence, nearly all my best dances were with women wearing red or some variation thereof. :lol:

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