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#24 it Valio La Pena by Marc Anthony? I didn't think of this at first because I would never play it as a dj. I've deleted it from my songs as it has become way too overplayed - if I don't hear it for a year or two I might start to like it again.
I like the song except for the way everyone thinks it's over before it actually is. Everyone starts walking off the floor. I forget, too. My partner's gone, I'm going "Waaaait, come baaaack!"
No, not that song, but thank you Sagitta.
Hm, I tried posting here yesterday, but the post vanished, sorry about that.

The phonation of the refrain goes, roughly:
bada barababababababaamor pause pause pause pause pause pause dienamenseee
bada barabababababababa dienamenseee
(the second time, the music plays straight through the previous pause.
(wow, this looks riddiculous - I will have to make an audio file)
This sounds crazy, but I know exactly which song you mean, I've heard it many times. I wish I could remember the name of it.


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What do you mean by "should be"?

Another part shows the cuban Mambo step. Resembles a fitness routine, after all!

I didnt want to disect the whole dance, but the change to a Cumbia basic during a salsa composition, is very rareley recognised by most dancers , in matter of fact, Ive often seen dancers go thru a whole Cumbia song, dancing salsa.

And what exactly do you mean by Cuban mambo ? is there any other kind ??, and arent mambo and salsa intrinsically joined at the hip ?, after all LA style is purely a newer version of old mambo .

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