Songs played at Latin clubs


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At the latin club in ithaca, the only one, I have noticed that the mix of songs is mostly salsa with quite a bit of merengue/bachata/cumbia? No cha-chas played at all!!! I'm curious what sort of mix of songs is played at the latin clubs you guys go to?


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I think that's common for a Salsa venue/dance.

Here they play mostly Salsa with some Cha-Cha, Rumba, Merengue and Cumbia mixed in.
In my club (it's the only one) they play mostly salsa with a sprinkling of merengue, cha cha chá and bachata. Oh and cumbia, lots of it, though I haven't figured out how to dance to it, as everyone seems to have a different way of doing it!

Sometimes they play too much "top 40-ish" garbage...don't like that too much but hey, it's the only latin club in town.

Most of the "clubs" I've been to play mainly Salsa, with a little Merengue. Every now and then one might throw in a little bit of Cha Cha. Having never knowingly heard bachata/cumbia/rumba I can't really comment on them :)

Get the occassional place though that will advertise as a Salsa event but end up playing primarily Merengue... very annoying. That's not to say I don't like Merengue, I do, just no more than a couple per night.


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Here in Denver it varies from club to club but in general the clubs that cater to dancers play 70% salsa/15% merengue/10% cha cha/5% bachata/cumbia. The clubs that cater to the meat market/drinking crowd play 40% salsa/45% merengue/10% cumbia/5% bachata


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My regular club plays primarily salsa with merengues and cha chas thrown in, in sets of twos, on Friday nights with the same pattern on Saturday just slightly lower on the salsa percentage. That's the heaviest salsa I've seen here...ranging to supposed salsa nights where it's lucky if salsa ends up being 40% of the music played. Personally I more then share David's it a Latin night if you want to mix it up that much! Don't just lead me on with empty promises! :x

What can I say? I'm just a 100% salsero at of the greatest things that can happen for me when I go out for a night of salsa is just that...a night of un-adulterated salsa music to let my soul dance too...
My regular salsa clubs play almost 100% salsa (live bands AND DJs)with a few merengue/cumbia thrown in. We are lucky.

There are some 'Latin' clubs (major ones too) that play 40% salsa, 45% merengue, 15% R&B/top 40 etc.

On Wed night I love to go to this cool place but they only play 30-40% salsa, the rest would be R&B. There are usually fewer salsa dancers there so you have a good chance of dancing with the ones that turn up, with the crowds gathering to watch! Very 'ham' friendly :wink: :lol:(besides, you can salsa to most R&B music anyway)!

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