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When I ran my Hollywood Dance Club in the 1950's my main concern was building up a music library that my students enjoyed listening to as well as dancing to. When I decided to do some teaching last summer, I began looking for appropriate music to teach to, and much to my surprise some of my old favorites were still available that today's generation might enjoy, so I'll throw you a variety of CDs from the 1950's that will liven the ambiance of your dance studio, and delight and inspire your students:

'Big Band Era', 'Moonlight Serenade' with 20 songs froim the 1950's popular Swing numbers from Count Basie's 'One O'clock Jump' to Lionel Hampton's 'Flying Home'; Les and Larry Elgart, 'Best of the Big Bands' from, 'Cherokee' to 'Green Eyes'; Jimmy Lunceford, from 'Margie' (great balboa) to 'Blues in the Night'; Louis Prima, from 'Embraceable You' to 'Jump, Jive an' Wail'; and 'Sinatra & Dorsey Greatest Hit's, and last and some the greatest innovative Jazz music for listening and 'WCS Joshua Jive' interpretation, STAN KENTON, with classics like, 'Intermission Riff, 'Stompin at the Savoy', 'Laura', 'Bernie's Tune', and for some wild Boogie Woogie hard slappin' piano forte', body shaken vibrations, check out Rob Rio for free WWW.ROBRIO.COM
If those CDs don't hook your students on Swing/Lindy, they need a blood transfusion.
Black Sheep. song plugger from Tin Pan Alley days.


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Black Sheep,

You may find this hard to believe, but the music you mention, is the music I was raised on. I was a lucky kid, although I didn't realize it at the time. 30's/40s era swingin' parents, 60's era Motown ECS and later WCS siblings, and then, much later, me.

The thing is, old or new, great music is great music.

Many, many days, when I'm playing a medley of my favorite songs on my CD player, I'll come up with Harry Connick Jr., then Frank Sinatra, then Nat King Cole, then George Michael. They all sing a great foxtrot. I think things come around, then come around again.

Long live 30's, 40's, 50's music! :D
old time classics

Since you have been fortunate enough to have been exposed to these jazpop classics, maybe you can appreciate my commitment to revive an interest in the 30's,40's and 50's music, but too many Song publishers cannot make money on songs that are 'Public Domain' and we no longer have those great composers, so the music companies sell this mostly junk music (I said mostly) so they can get their royalty checks. And that great music gets pushed on a back burner. I gave a short list of some of the great musicians and their music of the past, and you have added a few more. I hope there are other youngsters out there who can make their contributions of their favorite 'old time music'.
Black Sheep, the pied piper.


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Phil Owl said:
Some of mine:

EC Swing:

Let The Good Times Roll - Louis Jordan or Ray Charles
Salt Pork West Virginia - Louis Jordan
Wow, another Louis Jordan fan! How about Caldonia? You may have to adjust the speed on your CD player a little, but who can resist a song with the lyrics,"what makes your big head so hard?" Classic!
Must say, that the cha cha tunes that I would even consider dancing are actually son montunos. It might have its own dance, but I don't know it and since we can cha cha to a son montuno...

Mambo Songs:
Mi Desengaño - Roberto Roena
Marejada Feliz - Willie Rosario's or Roberto Roena's
Ausencia - Hector Lavoe
No Me Digan Que Es Muy Tarde Ya - Ismael Miranda
Azuquita Mami - El Conde
Juliana - Cuco Valoy
La Loma Del Tamarindo - El Gran Combo
Micaela - Tito Rodriguez
Una Canita Al aire - La Solucion
La Rueda - La Solucion
La Boda De Ella - Bobby Valentin
El Torrero - Orquesta Guayacan
Cucala - Celia's and Maelo's
Vagabundo - Andy Montañez
Idilio - Willie Colon
La Murga - Hector Lavoe
Al Son De Los Cueros - Sonora Carruseles
La Cartera - Larry Harlow
La Cuna Blanca - Raphy Leavitt
Cafe - Eddie Palmieri
El Paso De Encarnacion - Larry Harlow
Trampolin - El Gran Combo
Lloraras - Oscar D' Leon
Sonido Bestial - Richie Ray And Bobby Cruz (Live)
Guajira Ven - Hector Lavoe
Cui Cui - Roberto Roena
Ahora Si - Sonora Ponceña
Songorocosongo - Hector Lavoe
Faisan - Conjunto Clasico's or La Solucion
De Patitas - Luis "Perico" Ortiz
Perico - Maelo
Vasos En Colores - Marvin Santiago
Milogna para una niña - Andy Montañez
Sabroson - Markolino Dimond
Porque Adore - Frankie Dante
Bilando - Frankie Ruiz
Aquel Viejo Motel - David Pabon
Beni More - Oscar D' Leon
Pa' Bravo Yo - Justo Betancourt
Bilongo - Eddie Palmieri
Ajiaco Caliente - Eddie Palmieri
1920 - Johnny Ventura
La Reina - Raulin Rosendo
Periodico De Ayer - Lavoe
Cachondeo - Fruko
Carimbo - Maelo
Bamba Cure - Maelo
El Manisero - Mioses Simon
Aguzate - Celia Cruz
El Buen Pastor - Raphy Leavitt
No Me Tires La Primera Piedra - Tommy Olivencia
Caricias Prohibidas - Vitti Ruiz
Commo Lo hacen - Tommy Olivencia
El Swing - El Gran Combo
Pio Pio - Sonora Ponceña
Que Me Entierren Con Rumba - Sonora Carruseles
Al Son De Los Cueros - Sonora Carruseles
Celia - Quimbara
La Cura - Frankie Ruiz
Doce Cascabeles - Johnny Sedes
Carupano - Johnny Sedes
Lets dance!!!!!!!!
the music my tap class is dancing to for our yearly production is thriller by m.j. pretty gud stuff. :) also, my class i co-teach is dancing to beat it by m.j also quite cool


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Cool, dancer_of_god! Are you doing the m.j.-type choreography, too, or just using the music?

And by the way, welcome to the forums! :D



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a lindy dancer chiming in with a few faves:

by artist
Ella: A tisket, a tasket; The E&D blues; Goody goody; I love being here with you
Billie Holliday: A fine romance; Billie's Blues; Miss Brown to You
Louis Armstrong: Just a Gigolo (much better than Prima); Mood Indigo; High Society
Count Basie: the 9:20 Special; All right, okay you win; Corner pocket; Jive at five
Jackie Wilson: Workout, I'm in heaven; Reet petite
Chuck Berry: Don't lie to me; Let it rock; You never can tell
Duke Ellington:Duke's place; In a mellow tone; It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing
Nat King Cole: Paper moon; Honeysuckle rose; Route 66
Cab Calloway: Are you hep to the jive?; Hoy hoy; The Calloway boogie

by song
Shiny Stockings -- Ella or Count Basie or Sarah Vaughn or Teddy Wilson
Frim Fram Sauce--Ella and Satch or Diana Krall
Harlem Nocturne--Prima/Butera or Mark Whitfield or Johnny Nocturne
Don't Get Around Much Any More--Ella, Etta James, Satchmo, Woody Herman

Let me know if you can listen to any three and stay seated. I'll give odds....



Your choice of Count Basie's '9:20 Special' has everything a music loving, Lindy dancer dreams of; musicianship, arrangement, improves, syncopation, a variety of brass, and an on going melodic line that's ear grabbing and scintillates down the spine into the erotic nervous system. And I do not think the Count ever got the adulation for a Classic piece of music that rates right up there with Ravel's and Rimsky Korsakov's best.
Welcome to the friendliest forum in town and thanks for an out standing list of Lindy Music. That was the kind of music that molded the smooth flowing dancing of the 1940's and 1950's, and I believe it can smooth out the skipping and hopping Texas Tommy Swingout in due time.
Black Sheep, 'Music nourishes the Soul' Joe Lanza 2003 a.d.
does anyone know the name and artist of a song that starts out "ooooh, when I see her in my tshirt, watching tv with her mama on the telephone" it's a country song sung by a male. :?:


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After Dark by Tito and Tarantula. This is a tune I like to Rumba to. When I hear this song it reminds me a lot of The Doors with the vocal and guitar.
Ohhh, youngsta, I LOVE salsaing to Sonora Carruseles' Micaela. No matter where I am or how good/bad I'm feeling, hearing that just makes me jump up and start mamboing! :)

Vince A

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I really love the old swing stuff, but into the new stuff as well.

I like this one song, and after being recommended by d nice, I picked it up: Outkast - Speakerboxx - The Love Below album, and the song is "The Way You Love."

The first time Care and I got out on our dance floor to "play" to it, of course we started with WCS, then as the song 'changed,' I felt a fast cha cha. And that's what we did - back and forth with WCS and cha cha.

See Jenn . . . . two can be mixed! Although the dance was still a WCS.

Great song though . . . great album!


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I was thinking about this as I heard it played over the radio at work...

Elton John's "Someone Saved My Life Tonight." Be great for NC2S.

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