Advice needed.

What do you guys do when it seems that every single muscle in your body is sore and achy?? (Plus other muscles you didn't even know existed)

My boyfriend and I played soccer at an elementary school with a couple friends for almost 5 hrs yesterday, and we are bushed! I just wanted to know if there is any special routine you do to get rid of it. :roll:
I think a lot of it comes from using muscles you don't normally use much. Whatever you do, don't stop. After you have relaxed a few days, go back and play more football, but take it easier.


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I stretch, then soak in a HOT bath, then stretch again, as soon as possible after the unusual exercise. If you can massage the muscles yourself, or get somebody else to do it, even better. Whatever you do, don't go to bed without stretching. Then the next day, get up, warm up (e.g. run for a few minutes), stretch again and exercise those same muscles again, like will said. That will minimize soreness, increase the flexibility of those muscles and strengthen them.

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