Sound Cloud, IMDB, Tumblr, Ted Talks and more can now be embedded

Because the tracks are actually existing on other sites who maintain copyright policies within the laws of the country of the respective user, I think it should be allowed that people can post links that embed the media of those sites here. Once embedded, should there be a copyright issue, Spotify or SoundCloud, etc can remove the tracks from their site and the embed will no longer work here. That applies to YouTube as well. If we have problems of course we can revisit this topic.

I'll lead off with a Rumba from Sound Cloud (DJ Ice)

I hope maybe we can expand our use of media here and help people find cool stuff. For a detailed list of what can be embedded, it is all here (scroll down)

(or and I embedded National Geographic here earlier

Also, spotify doesn't work too well... just opens their site.

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