South Bay Dance Convention

Did anyone attend the South Bay Dance Convention? Is it just that convention, or all the dance conventions a little smaller this year? I was quite surprised with the turn out. I really expected a bigger crowd. I hope it will come back next year. It's so nice having a dance convention that's local.

Vince A

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Hi Pam,
Was that you (long dark hair as in your avatar?) sitting with Carrie (spelling) and Craig when I was standing up in back??? I kept asking people if anyone knew a Pam from SC . . .

I was shocked at the turnout - being so low! There is talk about it not happening next year, but they need it as a qualifying event for World's.

Have a good time? I certainly did . . Swing dancing at least . . . my Country dancing was really off . . . I've C&W danced once since May, and I couldn't lead my way out of a wet paper bag! Had a rough time with 2 Step. I just don't get into it anymore . . . I guess we're going to the SaddleRack this Sat . . . Robert Campos is having a class @ 4, then dance after!!!

Hi Vince! I don't know Carrie or Craig, so that must not have been me. I sort of look like my avatar, but my hair's not as long. If you saw someone with curly black hair, wearing a sparkly blue flame top on Sunday evening, that was me. I had a red/white top and blue jeans during the day on Sunday. I bounced between both rooms all weekend, but mostly the country dance room. The WC room was sooo hot, I could only stand it for a dance or two. I looked for a Harley shirt, but didn't see anyone wearing one. I didn't think to ask Robert or Kim to point you out. :? I was at Robert's dance lesson in country two step on Sat. Were you there? It so funny that we were both there and didn't dance with each other. :cry:

Did you stay for the awards ceremony? We didn't come back on Monday, but I'd like to know if my boyfriend placed at all. He was in the finals in WCS Jack & Jill. Is there a website for South Bay?

We probably won't go the Saddle Rack on Sat. because the Next Gen is having their monthly swing dance in Emeryville starting at 6:00 and we always have a lot of fun there. We might stop at the Rack on our way home.

Vince A

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Sorry I missed . . . someone told me that a lady was asking about me, and I thought it might have been you . . . also sorry that I missed you in that outfit . . . sounds yummy! I wandered back and forth between the two floors as well! As I said before, my 2 Step literally sucked, and I wanted to get it going! And that didn't happen until Sat night!

I wore a Harley shirt, though I changed often, all day Fri and Sat just so you could come over and introduce yourself.

We didn't stay for awards, we had a Sunday wedding to attend back home. We should have stayed as we discovered that my wife took all the money and awards. She took all the $$$ in Scholarships and all the gold and 1st Overall in her Diamond Intermediate Pro-Am Division. She was actually told to move up to advanced, but she won't until after World's this coming January!

I just check the UCWDC website, and the results have not been posted yet!

Keep in touch . . . maybe at the 'Rack one of these weekends!
Well congrats to your wife, Vince. That's really great. She must be a great dancer. You better spruce up your two-step soon so you can wow me with your new moves if we ever get around to dancing together! :D

I didn't watch a lot of the competitions on Sat. but we saw some of it. Not as many people competing as I expected. I'll get the courage to do a Pro Am one of these days. They look fun but I get nervous too easy.

Did you two catch the dinner show Sat. night? I was more than a little disappointed. I remember last year being really great! But I will say that the young kids that danced reall took my breath away! They were awesome!!

Vince A

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I'll practice that Two Step so I can WOW you . . . how is your Swing??? I look forward to dancing with you!

Do try to do Pro-Am at least for a year . . . your dancing will grow and the expense is worth it! Nerves become a thing of the past the more you do it!

How about a Couples Division? Didn't I read (one of your posts) where you said you and your dance partner were working on dancing??? I might have to go back and read that again???

We didn't do the dinner show . . . they get more boring every year! They are worth the price of admission in Fresno and at World's, but other than that??? We actually went out to dinner. We frequent that area, so we know where to go! Hen went Salsa dancing for a while, then back to the event. It WAS rather disappointing this year! However, as you say . . . the young kids . . . I always watch them really close . . . I get ideas by watching them!
We actually did a Just Dance for couples in Monterey a year ago in Country 2-Step and WCS. I was too nervous and mostly looked at my feet and danced very stiffly. :oops: I did a Jack n Jill in WCS in Arizona last July and felt much better about it, I guess attributing to feeling more confident in WCS than last year. We were thinking about doing a Just Dance at Mountain Magic in Tahoe in November since it's a small convention. I'm still thinking about it.

My WCS is pretty good, but I don't have a lot of fancy footwork. That's what I'm working on right now. I've been concentrating on how to follow and connection mostly. It's hard to say how good you are on paper. To some leaders, they say I'm a really good dancer and fun to dance with. To others I'm probably just so-so. I don't dance with advanced dancers if I can help it. I just don't have the advance moves they do, but sometimes an advanced dancer will dance with me and not try super fancy moves and we have a great dance, so I can't tell you how good I am. I don't think I'm good enough to compete and win, but social dancing I can hold my own. How's that? :roll:

Vince A

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Keep at it . . . how about Las Vegas in early December??? Very few competitors . . . think about it???

If you think you r WCs is good, it probably is. Stay with the conetrating on following and connection . . . and most of all - no anticipating the leader's moves!

Dance with as many Intermediate and up dancers as you can get ahold of . . . a good advanced dancer should be able to dance down to your level. If he (or she) cannot, don't ask them to dance again!

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