Space Shuttle Lost


Yes, this is a real blow to the families of the crewman as well as to the space program. I remember just a couple of weeks ago it was rumored the President was going to announce a manned mission to Mars by 2008. I was really excited to learn that a mission to Mars might happen in my lifetime. I hope this latest tragedy will strengthen our space program by bringing a renewed awareness to the importance of planning and safety, and hopefully a little more money will be added to the NASA budget to make it possible.

Once again, my prayers go out for those who were lost.


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Yeah, I met a woman who's lined up to go on the next mission, if there ever is one. (Invited her in as a speaker once. She's so nice, beautiful, intelligent, together .... You just gotta love/hate her.)

She worked on the ground crew, guiding in the space shuttle. Fortunately, she'd just left to go home when the tragedy happened, because she'd been working with that crew for a couple years. They were all her friends. The last contact I had with her, which was quite recent, she said that people there are still struggling to get over it. So sad. :cry:

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