Speed dancing


Speed Dancing: America's Newest Dating Craze
Move over, Speed Dating. Hello, Speed Dancing, where singles can meet many more partners in an evening, and have much more fun!

“The most popular format for meeting singles meeting face-to-face at an event has always been the Dance Party,” says Rich Gosse, Chairman of The Society of Single Professionals, who has produced over 1,000 singles dances throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand over the past 33 years. “Often we get hundreds to attend a dance, giving singles so many choices. The problem is shyness. You have to put your ego on the line and ask someone else to dance, risking a bruising rejection. So except for the very self-confident, most people meet very few new friends at a singles dance. The solution is Speed Dancing, where everyone meets everyone on the dance floor, three minutes at a time.”
Speed Dancing to learn Merengue & maybe a little Salsa

Please don't worry if you are not a good dancer. This is a beginners class and will be a blast!

How it works
This will be a great event! Merengue is a two person dance, and our format creates great interaction. It also ensures that you will get to meet a number of people of the opposite sex. As with our regular speed dating events, you will be given a scorecard to fill out at the end of the event where you can choose who you would like to keep in touch with. We will email matches the next day.

We will learn how to dance Merengue (and maybe a little Salsa) in a series of manageable steps.

Their will be a line of women facing a parallel line of men. You will dance with your partner (the person who is facing you) for a few minutes learning the steps to Merengue. Then, the men will stay put and the women will rotate over one spot, thus everyone will have a new partner to dance with. The women will continue to rotate every few minutes as new steps are taken on. Their will be continuous repetition to give everyone plenty of time to practice each component of the dance.

After the dancing portion of the event we will go into lightening rounds of speed dating, where you will get 2-3 minutes to talk to each person. Everyone will complete their score card indicating who they would like to keep in touch with. Matches will be sent the next day.
Speed dancing?
No prob.
Jitterbug tonight, mixture of CW Swing, 2-Step & Polka likely on Thursday, maybe even a few VW's.
Speed dating?
No thx.
Went to 1 such event several years ago, by invite.
Very narrow age range, for 'professionals' (their definition, not mine).
Present, besides myself:
1 attractive but married hostess
2 women (not my type) with their noses so far up in the air, they couldn't see the horizon
6 men, apparently there for the laughs


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What I'm curious is, beginner men aren't gonna be able to dance and talk at the same time...or at least do both of them well.


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Hah. While I'm a long (LONG) way from a top level dancer, I'm not really a beginner either. And I have to admit that my attempts to talk and dance at the same time still generally end poorly.
Check it: Dancing (on a crowded floor), talking, chewing gum and simultaneously adjusting my partner's outfit to guard against wardrobe malfunction.


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I think it's pretty clever, actually -- a regular group lesson, but with a group selected to be evenly gender-balanced and made up just of singles, followed by a normal speed-dating round where people can talk, so you don't have to try to really converse during the lesson. Ups the odds for meeting someone to date at your dance class, and adds an interesting activity to potentially mechanical speed dating (plus gives a ready-made topic of conversation for the speed dating portion). Even if single, I wouldn't do it myself, since sparkling small talk isn't my thing, so I'd flop at speed dating of any kind. But still, not a bad idea.

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