Standard Rounds at Superstars Studio in NY


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So I know a bunch of NYers have been discussing the BOF studio closing up/reopening etc... Because the space there isnt really big enough for full out dancign we have been talking with the people from Superstars studio in Chinatown.. They have been nice enought to let us organize runthroughs on Tuesdays evenings around 10PM.. They allow us to open up the walls so the space there is bigger than any dance studio I have seen in the city (including old BOF).. the studio needs to improve some aspects like cleanliness etc but its the best space in Manhattan with a lot of potential... If anyone is intersted in coming to the rounds, please let me know.. Also they promissed to open up the walls and let people just practice on the entire floor on Monday evening, Tuesday evening and Sunday afternoon... let me know if you have any questions.. oh and i will post the address when I get it, for now all i can say its on Mott between canal and whatever is north of canal :) we are trying to do this as we are TIRED of having no space to practice since blackpool

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