Standard Technique Classes in Manhattan resume

I'm pleased to announce that my standard technique classes will be resuming in Manhattan on Thursday nights this April, now in two levels.

7:30-8:30 Practical Ballroom Fundamentals
8:30-9:30 International Foxtrot and Other Challenges

Class descriptions:

7:30-8:30 Practical Ballroom Fundamentals

This class will concentrate on developing key skills which enable fluent, confident, and comfortable movement with a partner. Each of Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, and Quickstep will be covered on a rotating basis in American and/or International form. Students with little or no previous dance training may use the basic figures presented in class as an introduction to each dance, while those with several years of experience will learn a wealth of techniques for improving the execution and character of each figure. Lead & follow and floor navigations skills will be exercised during class. Material covered will be a suitable and sufficient basis students who may wish to enter the beginner level of a competition with an amateur partner, but equally useful as a foundation for a lifetime of social dancing. No partner necessary, but bring please bring your friends.

8:30-9:30 International Foxtrot and Other Challenges

This technique-focused class will provide a practical collection of methods and drills to efficiently conquer major challenges of the five standard dances. A particular emphasis will be placed on developing full, elegantly timed movement in the International Foxtrot. Rotating topics include making maximal use of the standing foot, leading and following heel turns, understanding drifted timing, the puzzle of right side lead, and developing clean outside partner and promenade positions. Infamous jargon such as CBM & CBMP will be reduced to a practical examination of the ways in which the standing foot and knee can be applied to create different types of movement and turn. No partner necessary. Please bring stable practice or street shoes in which you can balance on one heel for the drills portion of class.

(Competitive couples may wish to stay for studio-hosted standard runthroughs starting 9:30 pm)

Classes Start April 8 and are held at Manhattan Ballroom Dance, 29 W 36th St.

Call me at (201) 564-0196 or email or pm me here for more information.

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