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Went to one of monthly salsa clubs in Edinburgh for the first time last night. I hadn't danced since New Year Eve (at Salsa Celtica's concert -- ever heard them? They are certainly different!), so it was also my first dance of the year. And I nearly didn't go because I hadn't been feeling too well the last couple of days and wasn't sure if I was fit enough to dance more than a couple of songs.

It turned out to be the best night of dancing I've had! EVER!! :bouncy: WOW, that was gooooood.
The venue was good with a nice floor, the place was full but not so overcrowded that you could't move, the music was great throughout the night, there were so many good dancers all happy to dance with newcomers, and I was hardly off the dancefloor the entire night!
I was really pleased with myself because I finally started feeling I was getting better (I still need to work on my multiple turns though), and at the end of the night many of the leaders I danced with came over to me to tell me how much they enjoyed dancing with me! Salseros, that's the sure way to get a newbie hooked and coming back for more! I will certainly be back for the next one.

I'm so excited about last night, I just wanted to share it with you. In the meantime, I will be out to Glasgow tonight for another monthly -- I've been told (by the people I met last night) this one is also good...

Happy dancing, all!


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That sounds like a great experience, MacMoto. I can definitely say I've had similar ones. Enjoy! :D

And about the multiple turns, I think that's a goal for many of us. At least, it's one of mine. :oops: :)


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Always happy to hear that another fellow DFer had a good time. :cheers: MacMoto. Multiple turns is also something that I must work on. Last night ended up playing badminton with a bunch of people for the first time in over 8 years!! Fun!! Then just hung out until about midnight!


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Ahhh Edinburgh! :D

I was there in June 1987 during a trip to the UK that I took with some relatives; most beautiful city in the UK IMO. 8)

Don't know if I'll ever be that way again, but it's nice to know that there's some good dancing there. I was out of dancing at that time.

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