Stepping-Style on videos by Jami Josephson,on1/on2/power2?

I've tried to find on many websites some definite info on the style of "Club Salsa videos vol 1-3" and "lady's styling" and i wasn't successful.

Would someone please tell me what sort of stepping style are these videos about. Is it the "on1"-style or the NY2(Eddie Torres?) or power2/mambo?

There is for example something about "lady's styling"-video:
"....Plus you'll learn five elegant shine patterns in the 'on 2' NY Style which is demonstrated and then taught."

But what about the stepping of the rest of this video?

I'd very much appreciate a link with a more detailed info.
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I'm pretty sure you will still get answers to your questions.
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I know they sell the Jami Josephson videos and I'm sure they would be happy to help you.

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