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Hi, I am interested to know what people might think of this work, it is a tango created by the public in a market with a tango dancer. We are trying to get people involved in dancing in the town.


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As a piece of art it's rather wonderful and unique, but you said you're trying to get people involved in dancing in the town - can you expand on that?

Assuming most people don't know how to dance tango, do you think it would've been more interesting to have a leader rather than a follower? That being said I really enjoyed it. Another reason why the North East is the best (and I'm a Londoner)!
Hi, thanks for comments. You are correct it might have been better to shift dynamics and get the to lead rather than follow. It would be good to do again, maybe with another dance form. As for getting people involved in dance, it is basically the idea that by breaking a dance down to small chunks, that any person can get involved as they can remember the few steps. Also though the arts have taken a few cuts lately and am interesting to dhow that art can happen anywhere, in creating a kind of epic in the every day. Hope you have a good new year.


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A 'few' cuts? If only! What a lovely idea - it would be great to see you do this with other dance forms and bring some more joy to people!

And Happy New Year to you too. May you get all the arts funding you desire!
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Hello anthec,

my congratulations to your enthusiasm and commitment, nevertheless in regards to getting people involved in dancing argentine tango this is probably one of the worst approaches you could possible choose.
This is going to a sound harsh, but I don’t know how to keep it short and friendly at the same time.

Let’s leave aside that there was neither any tango music, nor (argentine) tango moves, nor even any variety of argentine tango culture or its offspring represented in this clip.

Let’s forget that forcing dancing on random strangers between the butcher and the bakery degrades the art of dancing to a cheap novelty act. It looks like a bunch of overdue bananas given desperately away for free because they are way beyond selling.

Let’s even forget the lingering implication, tango - or any dance or craft, - may by learned in a blink of eye and the resulting consequences of disappointment.

If you want to get people involved into dancing, you have to awake their longings to do so. What’s in for them? This video does exactly the opposite: it touches most of the common fears of people already established in their lives.
  • Being too old, untalented or untrained to ever dance well
  • Embarrassing themselves before a public audience, feeling exposed.
  • Being not able to keep up/cope with better dancers.
  • Feeling awkward in close contact with the other sex.
Read the threads in these forums. They reflect those fears very well. Now, read the look in eyes of the persons you expose.

To get people into dancing, they need a secure intimate space, where they can learn and grow. They need something valuable and beautiful to strive for and some realistic success not too far out of reach. A welcoming, helpful and interesting community would be a big plus as well.

Before you produce another video, I would suggest making two lists: What features can your community provide? What benefits for the newbie do they offer? Than find a way to visualize that.


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"as they can remember the few steps."

My old little green friend just whispered: "Important in tango steps are not. What you need, the embrace is..."
"Important in tango steps are not. What you need, the embrace is..."
With the most dreamy of embraces and without steps you're going to create some major traffic issues behind you and that's inconsiderate and very poor tango in my opinion. Respect the others on the floor- either take steps to move with the flow of the ronda or get off the floor and embrace somewhere else. For me, steps are very important...


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I think in the context my quote was clear, no? With "steps" I mean "step patterns".

I'd edit it, but I no longer can.

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