Stress and Laughing Therapy

Please make me laugh. I'm having a bad day. I'm stressed out. Too much is going on for me right now and I'm beginning to feel overwhelmed....a demanding & stressful romantic and dance relationship; intensive dance practices with a comp coming up soon; 2 university courses I'm taking required for work; and rude and condescending retiree in my office I have to deal with. Work was making me happy until today when this person acted like a total b*$%^ . I stood my grounds with her. But, it doesn't feel good to have conflict for me at work. Especially at this new job, I've had for six months. This job has been a saving grace for me from a bad break-up and relationship that I had to run away from. I really enjoyed the job until today. I need to dance this off tonight (but my partner only wants me to dance with him among other problems we're having). Ugh! It's all taking a toll on me. I'm starting to feel depressed and down about it all. I feel like I want to quit everything and run away, do nothing and just dance in another city (which is a fantasy of sorts, because I couldn't give up my job right now).

I heard there are laughter clubs in India. I've always believed that laughter is the best medicine. I need some laughing therapy and support right now.... :cry:


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I once read that most depression results from suppressed anger. I don't know whether that's always true, but it sounds as though it could be in your case. If it is, I think a lot of that anger might be directed at your partner, who's acting jealously and possessively and putting you under a lot of pressure.

It might be a good idea to sit down and have a serious talk with your partner and get a few ground rules sorted out. And if you can't agree on how things should be then at least you could come to some sort of compromise.

What about thinking of withdrawing from the competition, too, unless it's really important to you? Then spend the time you've gained doing other things you enjoy, which are less pressurised and more relaxing. Maybe going to see some light-hearted movies, seeing friends and chatting, etc.

I was trying to think of a funny joke to make you laugh, but can't. Why are jokes never there when you need them! :evil:

Rosa :)


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if you need to dance your partner needs to let that be okay with him or he we defeat his own goals....DANCE TONIGHT, DANCE DANCE DANCE
I'm beginning to feel better after being away from the coworker this weekend. It's hard for me here at work. I feel a lot of pressure about this job, because I'm on probation for a year before I'm considered permanent. So, I feel like I have to take a lot of BS, not say what I feel and suck it up. I guess I have to play office politics and play the game and not let it affect me as much. Besides, the condescending retiree is only here part-time so that helps, eventhough, her cubicle is next to mine. Ugh! But, I'm just not going to put so much riding on this job. I'm not going to take it so seriously. Nothing is worth jeopardizing my health for. I'm going to take a lighter look at things and just not let it get me down.

As for my partner, we did have a talk about a lot of things this weekend, he knows I wasn't happy. He told me he's afraid of losing me and he's acting better and being more supportive. But, thanks for the kind words everyone. And, Sagitta, thanks for editing and putting those cute images up, that did put a smile on my face.

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