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I'm going to a country dance again this Saturday. I normally tend to sit out the waltzes because I only know the basic step and the outside turn. However, the other night I saw a couple dancing cowboy waltz (CW) and the moves he was using looked a lot like ones in Country 2-step (C2S).

The Stupid Question:
Are a lot of the moves, turns, etc in waltz virtually the same as in C2S? Such that I can immediately expand my CW vocabulary by using the moves I already know in C2S?
I'm no authority, but isn't C&W waltz the same as "regular" waltz?

If your situation is that you don't know waltz, yes, there are a lot of 2-step steps you can use--wheel, roll-outs, sweetheart position, toss across, pivots, etc.
Another thing you could do, though at first it seems a little wierd, is to do wcs patterns in waltz time (in th middle of the floor of course). Our instructor is teaching this as a supplemental class. Basically eliminate the triples, still use rise and fall. Takes a little practice, though. His statement

"this is Fred Astairs answer for swing dancers who want todance to more types of music, including 3/4 time (waltz timing). See Fred and Ginger in SWING TIME circa 1936 by RKO "

like I said, a little different, but kinda fun!

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Yes, you can use two step turns when doing "Cowboy Waltz". Remember, though, that what your feet are doing isn't the same. If you can get your partner to do the basic pattern of waltz: LRL, RLR, etc and keep doing that no matter which way you turn her, or change hands, or whatever, you can use moves from your other dances. Remember to wait for her to finish her turns, and don't rush her through things. And keep your own feet going in a waltz pattern.
If something doesn't work out the way you thought it would, so what. Lots of us have made lots of mistakes.
Country or Cowboy Waltz is progressive, so if you dance in the middle of the floor...
And please, if you want to look like a cowboy don't hold your arm and hand out to your side and parallel to the floor. Country and Western dancing is more relaxed than other kinds of waltz (except for the really fast ones!).
My husband doesn't like to Country Waltz because he doesn't know a lot of moves, but when he realized that he could use some of his 2-step moves, he does Waltz more often. Occasionally he'll try a move much too fast for the Waltz timing and we mess up. But we just have to laugh and go on. :)

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