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I was a classical dancer for 8 years. Suddenly one day my knees were swollen. The doctor said its Osgood schlatter. So i had to stop dancingg bcoz of the pain. Doc said it would be solved on its own within 4 to 5 years i.e. when i was around 20. But nothing has changed. I want to dance again. So could you please suggest any dance form that doesnt put pressured on my knees. I really want to get back dancing. Thank you.


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I would suggest Rhythm over Latin too if your knees bother you. It is much lighter on them. Standard & Smooth have much less of an issue.

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I think latin is easier on knees that rhythm, socially. As long as I don't hyper straighten my knees I much prefer straight legs to bending. But I have chondromalacia and putting weight into a bent knee is exactly what exacerbates the issue.


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I'm sure this is a case of different knees being different and having different issues, but personally, I always found latin to be vastly easier on my knees that standard and smooth. (It's really one of the great ironies of the path my dancing has taken.) I could stand on a hyperextended knee all day, but lowering onto my right leg is always a little scary. It's especially bad if I'm not lined up perfectly. Pretty much every time I've pushed things into actual pain/injury, it's been a direct result of my lowering onto the right leg while twisted in a way I have no business being twisted.

But even when I'm not pushing things to the point of injury ... the one time I injured my knee badly enough to need physical therapy (for exactly the above-mentioned reason), I wound up getting a steroid shot to the knee. For about 48 glorious hours, my knee not only didn't feel the immediate injury, but it felt *fine*. I mean, really, completely, like-I-had-never-injured-it-in-the-Navy fine. It was genuinely shocking to me the difference it made and how much I had been subconsciously working to protect that knee on a daily basis. Of course, my knee wasn't *actually* any better. It's probably a good thing that I'm only rarely consciously aware of how it impacts my dancing.

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