Summer Hummer 2007

Hi folks, I took some videos at Summer Hummer last weekend in Framingham, Mass. There are some from Champions Strictly Swing and from Champions Invitational Jack & Jill.

I especially liked Benji's J & J with Jennifer DeLuca. The leaders chose the music for it, and Benji used some unusual music for the second half of the dance. It was some soft piano music, more like something you'd use for lyrical/modern/contemporary dance (which Benji is studying and teaching lately). But it worked surprisingly well for WCS.
Here's the link. Enjoy!


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niiiice. loved that lyrical WCS. and that last one... can you imagine having benji for a social dance? tch!! what a delight...


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thanks for posting...I hadn't looked at Tatiana's and Jordan's video in a while and saw the name of the I have it!

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