Surfer Stomp


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Does anyone know what the Surfer Stomp was? It was some kind of craze in California in the early 60's when surf rock was popular, but what it looked like and what the moves were I'm unfamilair with. I was unable to find such info during a web search.
Interesting; wasn't aware of that. The Surfer Stomp is mentioned on a web page for the Surfaris, the band that did Wipeout back in the early 60's. I had never heard of it.
Lol! I was a drummer back in the day, and we used to play Wipeout during basketball games etc. I remember there was a story about Wipeout, but I don't know what it was for the life of me. Like the song happened by mistake or something weird like that. ;)

Steve Pastor

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But Schwimmer says, "we would do side, cross, side stomp as a line dance. When we didn't have any lines, we would hold hands with our partner and do the same thing. When the music got slow it was kind of stupid to go S..I..D..E, C..R..O..S..S, S..I..D..E. So we double timed it and it felt more fun to do."


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