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They told me to pay by Paypal, so they don't have to go through eBay. Since their factory are in China, I can't take them to court. Apparently they don't care about their reputation. They are shot sighted. They made some money out of me. But from long term, it will damage their business.
Be careful about Swan studio, I had a terrible experience with them. I ordered a custom dress with Christine fabric from Swan studio, they have no artistic sense, completely ignored my design. After giving them couple of opportunity to correct the design, they still couldn’t do it, I gave up on them, so I had to ask them to ship me the plane dress. What is worse is that when I received the plane dress, I noticed very visible big sweat stain on both side of the armpits, I emailed the photos of the stain to the owner Frank, he denied the sweat stain, refused to take it back and credit any money to me. Apparently they let someone wear my dress. He is very unprofessional during this whole process. His factory is in China, they have no pride, they do not honor their work. I took the dress to a dress cleaner, I was told that it looks like Swan studio tried to clean the stain with cleaner and caused permanent stain damage. I paid $1200 for a dress that I can’t even wear due to the sweat stain. I will never buy anything from them again.
This is Frank from SWANSTUDIOAU. I was told by one of our clients that Dance 135 complained our custom made dress and service on Dance Forum. I hope Dance Forum could give me a chance to explain the whole story of this transaction. Dance 135 (Viv) contacted me on 27th November 2014 for custom making a ballroom competition dress. She gave me a very detailed requests and instructions for total 7 A4 pages at the beginning. For total more than 8 hours voice consultation through wechat (wechat is app like Skype) and many emails communication, finally we made a plain dress for Dance 135 on May 2015. Unfortunately, she was not happy with the dress after we sent dress photos to her for confirmation. Fellow her instructions, we tried our best to work on this dress to match his requests. But after two alterations, she was still not satisfied with the result.

All the materials from velvet, crinoline, georgette,stretch mesh to motif were ordered from Chrisanne Ltd in U.K. The total materials cost $970.51. (This dress needs 38.4 meters georgette for the skirt. The motifs are very expensive and cost $200). We only charged her total $215 for consultation, labor cost for dress making and materials ordering. (Considering more than $40 Paypal fee charge for total of $1185 payment through PayPal, we only got less than $200 for all of our works!) However, Dance 135 claimed she would only pay $960 materials cost. We told her, we did spent a lot time on this dress. Upon her request, we also emailed her how much time we spent on each of step of the dress making in details. We told her that we have three offices in Australia, China and U.K. There were quite a few staff from different offices worked on this dress for long time. We also hope the Chinese labor is cheap. But the truth is to get good quality dress, we have to pay more for experienced tailor who specialised in ballroom and Latin dress making. We were very sorry for this result. But we couldn’t waive this $215. When Dance 135 received the dress, she complained that there were stains on both armpits. We were very confused. Dance 135 had a very high standard on making this dress. I reminded my staff to be very careful to make this dress. The more important thing is this dress was just a plain dress and skirt edge was not finished. It is impossible to be worn by someone else. At that time, we found that there were total 114 emails between Dance 135 and us for this dress. To be honest, we were really exhausted with this issue. At last, Dance 135 and I raised a dispute and we passed all the emails and photos to Paypal for judgment.

After Paypal reviewed all the evidences from both sides, Paypal refunded the money back to my account. It was not a happy end for Dance 135. Actually, it is definitely not a good result to me either. I felt very upset with an unhappy client. I know there is always a risk when client want to create a new dress for herself. Sometimes she probably find the dress which has completed is not what she want. I understand the dress makers or designers can give client some professional suggestion and advice to reduce this risk. But no one can guarantee all the clients are 100% satisfied with their new dresses. So I always appreciate this trust from clients when they decide to let us to make the dress for them. There is no excuse to service our client without all our efforts. With more than 20 years experience on ballroom and Latin dress making industry, we are prided of our service and dresses with competitive price. We always felt extremely happy when our clients sent their photos to us and let me know how they were satisfied with the dresses. However, Ballroom dress making is not a easy work. We spent more than 100 hours on this dress for only less than $200. We still couldn’t make Dance 135 to be satisfied with this dress...

I can't and do not want to disclose more details on this issue. I prefer to spend more time to service our clients and make better dresses for them. All I want to say to Dance 135 is “sorry”.

PS: Dance 135 contacted me directly for custom making dress. The dress never list on eBay. As the payment go through PayPal, I believe this transaction has already been insured and protected by third party, PayPal. However, I don’t mind if she want to go through eBay for this transaction. We just need to add listing fee and final value fee on the final price. That wouldn’t bother us.


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