Swarovski Crystal Ballroom Dance Jewelry for Social Dancing & Competition


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I've decided to create an on-going thread for the accessories I make. This way I can keep posts relevant to jewelry/accessories here, and keep the dress thread I have on topic.

Ever since I was a child, I always enjoyed crafting. One of my favorite hobbies growing up in Mississippi was traditional American Indian beadwork. I'd weave, I'd bead, I'd wire... little rings or heavily embellished pouches. It was time consuming, but the end product was so rewarding.

But, I have always loved shiny things. Perhaps this is one thing that drew me to ballroom - Shiny things!

I had very limited resources when I first began ballroom. I had to make-do with formal gowns that, though they were pretty, weren't designed for dancing. These dresses never really had enough bling on them. So, I'd purchase rhinestone bracelets... and the bracelets would snag and tear the fabrics on my gowns! It was so frustrating to find the perfect gown for Latin, only to have the overlay covered with pills and snags from my rhinestone bracelets.

So, I began making accessories for myself. People began commenting on my bracelets, and pretty soon people began asking me to make jewelry for them. My first really popular item was a simple Swarovski Crystal AB cuff:

From there I moved on to making bracelets similar in design but in different colors, and making necklaces to match. And the rest is, pretty much, history!

I moved on to make Swarovski hair accessories. I really enjoy designing them to match specific gowns:

As I've worn various gowns and accessories to match, I've picked up other ideas and techniques. When I couldn't figure out a technique, or when I did not like a technique, I would develop one of my own that in some cases was an improvement, in my opinion, on the original. For example, this necklace closely follows a design I saw in competition once, but I did not like the rubbery backing. So, I used a translucent material that I believe is more substantual, and began creating necklaces like this:

I also have fun designing items for the men! (Just ask my poor blinged-to-the-hilt partner.) I enjoy creating cufflinks and other accessories, such as Swarovski neckties to match specific gowns, as some couples prefer a matching accessory for the man to a matching shirt. This siam zipper necktie, for example, not only matches several in-stock siam accessories, but has potential to match many gowns, as red is always a popular color:

Finally, dancers told me that they do not compete all of the time, but that they really love to dress up for dance socials. So, what is new for me is I have begun creating fabulous accessories for social dancing. These accessories use Swarovski crystals and sterling silver.

This particular necklace was inspired by late nights of dancing Argentine tango. This crystal is in one of the new Swarovski colors, "Crystal Red Magma". What I like about this stone is, depending on the surrounding light or what you are wearing, this pendant can appear anything from a deep red to a high quality tourmaline color:

Well, I think that about covers it. Oh I make earrings, too, but we are limited to five images per post, so you'll have to come to my site to see!

Oh, I suppose I should give you a link to that. Oopsie daisies.

I also have an Etsy shop, if you are a fellow Etsyian.

So, thank you for listening to my long ramble. : - )

Happy dancing!


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10% Off Labor Day Sale in my Etsy Shop


So, I've been toying around with Etsy. It's really a cool venue for handmade. Anyway, I decided to join in on the Etsy site theme spirit and have an extended Labor Day weekend sale. Starting today through Monday, all jewelry in the Etsy shop is 10% off.

Here are examples of some of my new items... some for social dancing, others for competition... If you see something you like but want a different color, just ask! :)

Circle of Siam - Swarovski Crystal Red Magma on Sterling Silver


New Moon - Onyx Swarovski Crystal Suspended from Sterling Silver


Emerald Decadence - Three Swarovski Crystal Bracelets



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Thank you dlgodud! I searched everywhere for a simple siam swarovski drop and had such difficulty finding one, just gave up and made it myself. Then I started making the necklaces in other colors. :)


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Well I picked up a few custom creations - Thank you, guys!

In about two weeks I am going to unveil my Swarovski crystal masks - Perfect for Halloween parties and with little obstruction of your view, won't fall off... (good for dancing). I will only have time to make a couple of these, so let me know if you are interested.


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I just wanted to add a few pictures of some of my new creations. Many more are on the way. Custom designs are always available!

Tango Nights - Luxurious Swarovski Crystal Necklace on Venice Lace


Tango Nights - Luxurious Swarovski Crystal Earrings on Venice Lace


Circle of Siam Earrings & Necklace - Swarovski Crystal in Sterling Silver - Crystal Red Magma

Earrings - http://ballroomjewelry.ecrater.com/product.php?pid=5490221
Necklace - http://ballroomjewelry.ecrater.com/product.php?pid=5239906

Bella's Tears - Earrings - Aquamarine Swarovski Crystal Suspended from Sterling Silver

Earrings - http://ballroomjewelry.ecrater.com/product.php?pid=5490196
Necklace - http://ballroomjewelry.ecrater.com/product.php?pid=5490234



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The Tango Nights Necklace and Earrings have both sold. I can make another set upon request, almost identical. Just let me know. :)


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I have some cool news that I wanted to share. :)

Etsy dot come is a Web site dedicated to handcrafted items. The site admins are featuring my tango jewelry in one of their gift guides!

Also, they featured one of my bracelets on their home page yesterday. :)


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hahaha, not a bad idea/marketing bit. :)

And as much as I hate the stereotypical red/black tango association (PURPLE! ;) ), those pieces are great!


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Thank you, etp. :)

That's not such a bad idea... purple. Maybe I will make this set, only in purple. :) Why not?

But... purple is one of my favorite colors. I'd be tempted to keep it, especially since one of my new pairs of tango shoes is purple!


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I wouldn't necessarily make one, but keep it open as idea if someone isn't sure or requests it. But certainly good idea for yourself. :)

My tango was costumed all in black and purple, loved it


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Christmas is almost here!

December 14th (Monday) is the last day to place an order where I can get something to you in time for the holidays. If you're stumped on color/size/design, a gift certificate is always a safe bet.
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