Swing Capital of the world? Where is it?

Steve Pastor

Staff member
Well, maybe.
You know how in Argentine Tango many of us accept that the dance takes on the characteristics of the country it is danced in?

"swing does nothing to celebrate conventions or romance — you aim to dance with as many partners as you can. The aim is to keep dancing, change partners, to get better, wilder, and more creative"

Swing has a ton of convention. And back in the day people had partners that they practiced with constantly. Norma Miller wrote that the their group rarely danced with people outside the group, and Frankie Miller is on record that he was paid to dance socially with a famous personage. And, oh, while there were swing bands and all they didn't only play "swing tunes. But Frankie Manning wrote that while some of them would do the Sham Sham for a while went they felt like it, it was no big deal.

I wonder. Would anyone argue that New York City is now the capital of Argentine Tango?

But, I get the point that swing dancing is popular in Seoul. Cool.

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