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When I started searching the internet for dance related material, I liked to find free film clips of lindy hop on the internet but it took me some time to find them. Regardless of swing style I think many people would like to find what's out there. We could start with collecting links of free clips that have already been posted in the forums, plus a few of the lindy clips I've seen that I remember where to find... most of them I don't actually. In time I might dig up a few more.

You can add new links by posting in this thread. I will then edit new links into this first post to keep it updated. From now on, I'll try to put additions to the list first in each category so it is easier to spot them. Please also inform me if a link is broken, so I can remove it.


Dallas D.A.N.C.E. 2003 Video Highlights WCS competition clips
Aina and Jørgen Boogie woogie competition clips
Zoot society Lindy clips. The Barswingona Open Jack & Jill are huge files, but worth looking at
The Boston Tea Party WCS and lindy links to clips are found by clicking on instructor's name
SwingDiego WCS clips from SwingDiego
Boogie By the Bay Select a year for WCS clips from past events
US Open 2004 WCS and lindy clips
Kevin and Carla Kevin and Carla plus team clips for lindy
Nathalie and Yuval Nathalie and Yuval plus team clips for lindy
Ron Weinstein's DC Jams clip collection Lindy hop


Ballroomdancers.com Despite the name, the site also contains instructional clips in ECS, WCS and lindy hop, mainly on very basic moves
SwingShoes WCS and hustle basic instruction
How2dance Lindy hop (Hollywood style), balboa, shag. Moves shown from several angles and with instructions.
Brown Swing Club Jitterbug and lindy hop


Archives of early lindy hop Small samples from some of the old movies, including Hellzapoppin' and A day at the races.


Pensacola Swing Well produced videos, mainly ECS
Raphael Pungin's Blog Archive of all dance forms, clips from NYC area (most are home video), searchable by dance style
http://swingshoes.net/videonotebook.html WCS and Hustle basic instruction

http://kevinandcarla.com/classes_digital_online.htm Lindy instructional clips
Competitions and Instructor Showcases:

http://www.teapartyswings.com/instructors.aspx WCS and Lindy links to clips are found by clicking on instructor's name

http://kevinandcarla.com/videos/index.htm Kevin and Carla plus team clips for Lindy

http://hopswingjump.com/multimedia.html Nathalie and Yuval plus team clips for Lindy

http://www.swingdiego.com/results.html WCS clips from last years SwingDiego

http://www.tngsdc.org/bbtb/past_results.php Select a year for WCS clips from past Boogie By the Bay events

http://www.usopenswingdc.com/2004_division_winners.html US Open WCS and Lindy clips from 2004

http://raphaelpungin.com/videos/?category=Dance Archive of all dance forms, clips from NYC area (most are home video), searchable by dance style
these are excellent clips! A friend and I will be performing a lindy and swing showcase at school. And we got plenty of wonderful ideas from watching these. I wonder if there are more links that can be posted because I love browsing them.

cheers! and keep swinging!
kansas49er, is that a lindy event or also does it also include WCS or something else? Just wondering what info to write about it, without having to watch all the clips.
Excellent site for learning Lindy moves -


(edit by Dance Mentor: this site charges a membership fee to view the videos, but there are a couple of free clips.)


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{broken link removed} Lindy videos (some of them are really old black and white (TV) ones). Click in the left menu on "Les vidéos".
I have a few swing clips on my site at www.tcswing.com

The direct link is: {non working url removed}
There are some old video clips shot with my old Sony Mavica which are a minute or less. Plus, I have better stuff once I got my digital camcorder. There are full length shots of competitions from ALHC and from our local dance contests.

Hope you enjoy them!
Doug Silton also runs a move of the week clip. Sometimes its instructional, sometimes its just a demo. Either way, its worth checking out.


Its currently having some technical problems, but the archive of moves is working.

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