Swing in asia, good examples?


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Hello, I'm new here. Please welcome me warmly.

I'm interested in swing and how different cultures handle the genre outside the professional circle. I was watching a popular group from asia tackle swing and jazz and was very impressed with the grand Vegas / Broadway style in which they handled the music and overall concept. Responsible for choreography are Tony Testa and Shim Jae Won.

You can watch it on youtube by searching for: TVXQ! 동방신기_Something_Music Video

There is a modern pop twist and the addition of ropes seems to be a pretty difficult show routine (has anyone done that before in the west? It's the first time I see someone do it in asia...).

There seems to be a resurgence of the genre in asia in recent years with varying good and not-so-good outcomes, but I really like this one. What do you think? Do you have other examples of swing in different parts of the world?

btw. they have performed this live, if anyone wants to see the dance more clearly ;)

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Hello, Aya. Welcome to DF.

That is a stylish, very well done video.
But, except for the inclusion of musicians in the video, and the big band sound, I'd have to say, it has zero swing dance content.

Now, "jazz" dance? OK. At one point we see something Michael Jackson did frequently (feet together, spinning in place), and that was done by Cab Calloway in the 30s. etc
Overall the dancing is I'd have to say MJ, hip hop, MTV video.
Note the use of lighting "flares,"and visual tricks such as ropes becoming "microphone stands" that flair in the light in the street scene. See Janet Jackson's mini epic featuring Cab Calloway, Heavy D, Nicholas Brothers, etc for a very similar setting.
The red footprints at the beginning? MJ Billy Jean.

At one point her in the US, dance masters would make up sequences for dancers tangling and untangling themselves, sometimes with their arms, and sometimes with scarves. But that was decades before the swing era. And, I can't remember seeing anything like that in recent times.

And, you won't see any women in heels, stockings, and garters in swing dance scenes.

Again, very well done video, interesting both visually and musically.


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Hi. South Korea has a Lindy Hop scene, but I have no idea if it's more or less "mainstream" there than elsewhere. Probably still a niche hobby.

Couple events I know of. Note that they have brought in various traveling international teachers, so the style looks pretty similar to the Lindy style seen in America/Europe. Some of their dancers also travel and compete (and teach) elsewhere:



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Yep, what bookish said, there's a very active swing dance scene in South Korea.

Also there have been done I Charleston videos for Japan, Vietnam, Beijing and Hong Kong which indicates that there are active swing scenes there.

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