Swing in Eastern Pennsylvania - Where?


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pygmalion said:
Happy birthday, luh. :D

Life gets easier in a lot of ways when you get older and have your own car. It gets more complicated, too, but at least you don't have to depend on someone else for a ride. *shrug*
I'm looking forward to that time. just one more year. than i still don't have a car, but a driving licence which i hope is gonna help me out in that kind of situations. (in addition - in germany i'm living in the countryside, so it's neccessary anyway)

i'm going to finish up packing - living today at 5.40 pm or something around that time from ABE.


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just arrived. wasn't that a bad flight - except the delays - missed trains, getting a car 'cause the airplane didn't come...
but now i'm back - dealing with a lot of stuff i was lucky not to in usa.
and listening to swing of course,
rose room - woody herman

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