Swing: Problems and Solutions

Teachers & Students,
Today more than ever, Swing/Lindy needs a shot in the arm to stimulate
greater interest in the general public. If the declining Swing population
continues at the present rate, two or three years from now, Swing will be history
in Southern California. I have for almost a year now been calling attention to
this declining Swing Population; I have not caused it, I have only tried to
encourage teachers and Venue Hosts to give better service to attract new
recruits to this Native American Sport. I've made suggestions to spur the growth, but
I have only seen some feeble attempts on the part of teachers at the various
Venues to attract new Swing enthusiasts, as I observed many of the ineffective
teaching practices that are still being employed, are discouraging and
loosing potential persons into our world of Swing at an alarming rate.
When some 80 couples showed up for a group lesson on one Friday night and
less than ten couples returned on the next Friday night and three showed up
on the third Friday night, that can't be attributed to student's being
'fickle', as one of the teachers rationalized. When some 20 couples attended a class
I observed on a Tuesday night and only six couples returned the next Tuesday
night, it wasn't because their mommies wouldn't let them out of the house
after dark.
I have listed the types of ineffective teaching in previous
Commentaries. The bottom line is, Teachers are so busy competing with each other by trying
to teach some combination fancier then other teachers and are neglecting to
teach fundamentals three R's of dancing, 'Rhythm, Techniques and Styling'. And
they are confusing and discouraging beginners in their classes by teaching at
too high a level to please the more advanced students in a class.
Why have my suggestions in my books been at best, casually used but
mostly ignored by teachers who bought copies of my book, 'Lindy by Lanza' for the
past two years here in SC? An appropriate explanation was given four hundred
years ago by the Master of Modern Politics:

"Because the innovator has for (opponents) all those who have done well
under the old (system), and luke warm (for) defenders who may do well under
the new (system)" Nicolo Machiavelli."

However, even those who' were doing well' with their Swing revenues a
couple of years ago, are now losing money after paying for the rentals of the
hall and D.J.'s, bands and hiring teachers. Maybe they too are now ready for the
remedies I suggest. But befor I make my 'Magic Pill' available on the
Internet, I think it is only appropriate to list my teaching credentials that go back
54 years so that there may be a measure of creditability to my claim of
possessing the 'Magic Pill' for Simplifying the learning of Swing/Lindy:
I have spent a life time teaching; 12 years Ballroom dancing as owner
and supervisor of the most successful Hollywiood Dance Club with dozens of my
teachers personally trained by me; three years as an Itinarary Dance Teacher
for 49 Jr High Schools in the Los Angeles School System 1957-1961; 15 years as
a professional tennis coach in USA and Europe; several years teaching public
school as a Graduate Credentialled teacher, Class of 1962 UCLA; one year as a
swimming pro at the all celebrity Racquet Club in Palm Springs 1947-48; I was
a four letter man in my high school, and I have written hundreds of essays on
behavior, morality, integrity, several instructional books on dancing, and
tennis and vocabulary and even a simplified math book. With all this experience
I have been able to formulate a system of teaching Lindy/Swing that simplifies
it and gives the dance a uniform consistency with still an infinite possible
movements that deserves to be publicly shared;
Although this teaching method is already described in my book, 'Lindy
by Lanza', published in April 20, 2000, it seems that some teachers I have
observed since, have misunderstood it was a Teaching Method and not a new dance
style of Lindy. I should have placed the words, 'Teaching Method' in the
title; since the teachers are now calling their lessons, 'Six Count Lindy' which is
only redundancy, since all Swing/Lindy is done to SIX Quarter beats. And
unfortunately, my '6 ct " Lindy Teaching Method' is lost in the maze of a
misinterpretion of the method described in my book.
My commentary, 'MAGIC PILL' is my attempt to excite some interest so
that I can follow this article (MagicPill') with a clear exposition of the
method, and how it can be profitably used by both teachers and students. You can
help by sharing the 'Magic Pill' Commentary with friends so that we can reach
the 1000 yeses as a goal for describing the ' Magic Pill Method on the internet.

Why 1000 Yeses?
Several times in my life I have seen a good idea modified and devolved
by plageristic imitators to the point of destroying the integrity of the
original entirely. It is only when a reasonably large number of persons are
privileged to share in an innovation at the same time that the idea has a chance to
survive in it's original effective form. My Bossa Nova Dance with 3000 booklets
distributed by mail, all on the same day, to all the dance studios in the USA
and Canada is proof enough of this phenomenum, since the dance has survived
universally as I originally created it in 1961. Incidentally, a VIDEO of my
Bossa Nova Dance will be available very soon.

Send me a thousand 'YESES' by July 4th, and give me the GO SIGN to
explain my Magic Pill Teasching Method and me to help revive our ailing
American Treasure 'The Lindy Hop'
Black Sheep

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