Swingin Summer Dance Camp and more


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People Who Dance brings West Coast Swing Excitment and Camp (actually more than West Coast Swing is offered - check it out), August 12-15, the best of the best instructors for workshops, jack and jills, parties, tons of general dancing, $145 for all event pass.Hotel venue-Renaissance Marriott Palm Springs, California, mention People Who Dance swing camp and get a discounted rate. Check out the People Who Dance web site for more information. It is a true blast!!:bouncy:


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How far north are we talking? SW Air typically puddle jumps to regional airports.
Palm Springs does have an airport which several carriers fly out of. However, if you cannot get a carrier from where you are - to Palm Springs, get to Ontario Airport - rent a car - drive approximately 90 minutes east to Palm Springs on the 10fwy (San Bernardino). It's pretty noticeable...tons of windmills farms and lots of signs "Palm Springs". Also, it's hotter than hatis in august. The Swing Camp always has lunch break at the pool...which is great for tanning, reading and swimming.
I'm in Nor Cal -- SF Bay Area. (Access to Oakland, SFO and San Jose airports.) I'd really rather not do any driving, I'd prefer a cab ride from an airport (primarily because of the pesky "must be 25 to rent a car" rule!)

I've driven to So Cal too many times, if I'm going to be dancing all weekend I think I'd rather fly if there is a convenient option.
LOL I replied before I saw that you said Palm Springs has an airport... doing the research now, if I find someone else from my area to go with me this might become a reality!


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Yes Palm Springs has several carriers. If you cannot find one with service into the Palm Springs regional. PM me. Depending on when your coming in Ontario Airport is 15 minutes from my house. You can hitch a ride with me (-:
Awww! Thanks for the offer, I really appreciate it! :)

It looks like it's cheaper to just fly into Palm Springs. I am looking at a really good price if I get a friend to share the room with me, so good that there is absolutely no excuse to not go if she goes too!

I am hoping this will work out, but if she isn't interested I may see if you know anyone looking to split room costs. Hey, if all else fails I'll see if I can just absorb the extra $200 and go by myself, I'm a social person!

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