Swinging Questions

Swing Buffs,
Spitfire asked this pertinent question below in answer to D'nice:

"I would ask him (Frankie Manning) if Lindy Hop originally was a six count dance since I think I read somewhere that he stated so."

Do you have other questions buzzsing in your head?

Black Sheep, your answers are important, so please stay online!


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Just for clarrification: The question quoted above (from a thread in the swing forum) is from Spitfire. "Artisan" is his current Dance Forums rank.
I'm not sure why that question hasn't been answered but I'm sure that whenever D'nice gets an answer he will post it. He is online very frequently.
Things went realy well. Time with Frankie is always to be treasured. I'm not sure why this question is in Dancer's Anonymous... it has nothing to do with our non-dancing life does it?

Anywho nio... Frankie laughed when asked this question and answered "It would be difficult for Lindy Hop to come from Charleston and stuff and be at odds in timing." Actually the first thing he asked me was why I was asking him this question since I knew as well as he did where Lindy Hop came from. When I told him about the forums he said it was great that dancers from all over the world can stay in touch. No luck in getting him to log in though. Just not enough time this weekend. I couldn't even find time to check my email on weekend. Look in the Swing Forum for more answers to questions and some of Frankie's stories.

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