Swingout Northwest 2006

SwingOut Northwest is Opening for Registration!

The world’s first and foremost all inclusive swing dance camp is back this year with world class instructors and one of the best band line-ups. From December 26th to January 1st, we will be taking over Camp Arnold, a beautiful summer camp near Seattle Wa, with nearly 300 dancers for five days of classes and six nights of dancing. Sign up, show up, and you will be fed good food, housed in warm heated cabins, given excellent classes, and then set loose on the dance floor every evening till at least 4am. All in a small, intimate camp on the shores of a beautiful lake and in the majestic shadow of Mt Ranier.
The Instructors
We have currently signed on thirteen world-class dance instructors to bring you the best classes possible.
Frankie Manning with Jodie Fleishman
Chazz Young
Hanna and Mattias of the Rhythm Hotshots
Bill Borgida and Laura Glaess
Rob and Diane van Haaren
Evita Arce and Mike Jagger
Chris Chapman and Darla Weideman
The Classes
Classes will be tracked with at least four skill levels to maximize the learning experience of everyone. Instructors will see each track several times throughout the week so campers can test their new knowledge and skill on the dance floor in the evening and be back in the classroom with questions the next day.
The Bands
Seven Bands from all over North America will be brought together for the best social dancing each night along with premier DJs. Half of the nights will feature multiple bands, and some of the bands have been asking if they can play for musicality classes during the day!
The Boilermaker Jazz Band
The Hoppin Mad
The 51st Eight
Solomon Douglas Swingtet
Solomon Douglas Quartet
Karen Maria Capo Trio
Kevin Buster Trio
The New Years Eve Bash
Imagine eighteen amazing musicians splitting up into two phenomenal bands and playing alternating sets for 300 dancers that have been practicing all day for five days straight on a 5000 square foot dance floor. That will be the New Years Eve Bash. When the bands finally get tired of playing we’ll set the DJ’s loose and keep dancing till breakfast is ready the next morning. If your friends can’t make it to the entire camp, we’ll be selling tickets to the New Years Eve Bash so they can still come dance with you for the greatest night of dancing this winter.

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