SYTCD stage-vs.-street


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I am so glad that Gaby won! I really liked Haylee a lot, too.

I was not as entertained this season. Too much street. I did not like the whole premise!

Jim the ballet dancer was wonderful. Last night they showed a ballet routine with Jim and Alex which was cut!!! It was one of the best numbers of the night.


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I concur in that I was also not as entertained this season, but I think the problem was that the stage dancing was almost exclusively contemporary (or "jazz", which seems to just be a more emphatic version of contemporary). And even the hip hop kept falling into the contemporary ditch.

Also, there are various genres of street dance - they really missed the boat on showcasing all the different styles (krump, old school, all the regional styles they talk about during the audition). A lot of the hip hop mushed together too.
Can't say I'm surprised. I can't tell if the stage vs. street premise was a last gasp for air or just an "it sounded good at the time" idea that turned out to be the brand's death knell.

Steve Pastor

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I just looked at the ratings for the final show, and the audience was 1/6 that of DWTS's first show, and was ranked 4th of the 5 networks listed. I believe American Ninja Warrior was beating the show all summer.
So, yeah, I'll be surprised if we see another year.

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