SYTYCD: Jessica and James Foxtrot


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That wasn't a Foxtrot. More like based on the idea and count of Foxtrot. But it was a lovely choreography nevertheless. :D


P.s. I have no idea how SYTYCD works, what rules apply etc.
They looked very ballet-ish to me. Am I off base?

Well, after watching them again, I only saw one step that was Fox Trot. The other steps were a very bad version of Ballet. She is graceful though, but her lines were very off to be considered a good Ballerina. However, she does have potential. It was just so not the Fox Trot. I even tried to think of any other dance that it was close to, but nothing Ballroom or Latin or anything resembled that dance except maybe the Rumba, but even that I wouldn't really consider the Rumba. I wonder did they get docked for that?
It seems to me like it was an American Smooth Foxtrot Showcase type of dance. A lot of open work and lines (except for the lifts) that I've seen in pro American Smooth foxtrot competitions. Yes her ballet background is one of the reasons she kept trying to go on pointe, but also one of the reasons she had beautiful arms. American smooth is more appealing for shows because of the open work. That's why in DWTS they have a footnote stating that the ballroom styles the couples will be dancing is american smooth. I would have liked to see a little more closed hold (like in that back feather) but oh well, they had fun

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