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How absolutely heartbreaking for Alex. :-( :-( :-(

Alex, good thoughts for a speedy recovery!!!

And, I don't have the same desire to watch the show, now. Bummer.
I am VERY VERY VERY sad about Alex's situation. I really hope his surgery went well and that he will have a successful recovery. I wonder if he will try out again next year. They didn't let it sound like that at the end of the show...:( Really sad about this. He is one of the best dancers I've seen in our generation.

I had mixed feelings about Lauren's Cha Cha too. She was HOT but...she didn't really do much Cha Cha...

I LOVED Billy's Macavity and was very surprised to see him in the bottom three. WHO is putting him there?

I liked the Jaguar routine too. Agreed that the judges were a bit harsh on Adechike (but I'm not a huge fan of him). Surprised he wasn't in the bottom three. Maybe he got sympathy votes?

I really liked what Adam said about the Prom was a bit embarassing to watch but that's what I liked about it. Thought the routine suited the two of them very nicely and helped both of them in the show.

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