SYTYCD Season 6 - Week 8, The Finale

Kathryn and Jakob were mesmerizing! I also love Ellenore and Russell but they are #3-4 for me... Ryan and Ashleigh should have been gone awhile ago, IMO. They routine was VERY easy and was choreographed that way on purpose, to merely elicit the emotion of a married couple dancing together, blah, blah, blah; there was really nothing challenging about it. Even the lifts were easy. I think Ashleigh has coasted through the competition on the strength of her partners and while she undoubtedly improved, it would be hard for anyone as inferior (in the top 20) as she not to.
A bit harsh on Ryan and Ashley I feel. Remember, it's America's Favorite Dancer. They managed to capture the hearts of the voters and in the game, that's just as good as anything else. The typical show demographic doesn't know anything about the dancing itself.

And to be clear, I feel they're quite genuine.

Here's hoping for a spring/summer show!


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I finally got a chance to catch up with the last show over the weekend (snowbound). So what the heck DID happen to Russell? And it is it just me, or did they pretty much blow off the rest of the Top 20? Even if they were eliminated right away, they still worked their butts off to get there. Would rather see more dancing from them than all of this filler from the "special" guests.
From what I hear Russell sprain his ankle during the repeat of the three hip-hop guys' number. Right at the end, where Legacy and Kevin pull him back on the stage, Russell landed badly.

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