Taiwanese Jitterbug

We also have a thread about the Taiwanese Tango, but I wanted to also comment on this Taiwanese Jitterbug. I have been seeing it at the Chinese studios in the LA area and had not seen it before. It looks to be a variation of Hustle, but has some rhythm breaks that are different as well. I never see anyone trying to look "competitive". It is just a fun "chill" dance, and the people seem to have fun dancing it.

Here is a video example:



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I've done this before at a Chinese studio around here. I dance it as a 4-count Hustle and nobody can tell the difference.


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Looks like the Pingsu, that is the name of it in Beijing area. It goes by other names in other parts of China. I have seen it danced in Beijing, Shanghai, and Chinese dances in the NY/NJ area.

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