Tall Pre-champ Standard Leader needed in Northwest / Seattle Area

I am 5'8" without shoes, slim build, and compete exclusively in standard. I like to practice evenings and weekends, take regular lessons, and also coaching with visiting coaches, and compete regularly. My partner and I placed very well at both NDCA and USA Dance national championships this year, and since then we now dance prechamp/champ levels, although I'd really consider myself a prechamp level competitor.

I my current partner is moving to pursue a college education in New York this August (and dance education too, I'm sure), and unfortunately for me I won't be able to follow him there, so I am looking for a tall, dedicated, and talented partner with whom to pursue my goal of dancing amateur at a high level. Dancing is my passion, and I am looking for someone who loves dancing for its own sake just as I do. Message me if interested.

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