Tango and Fashion


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Can you tell I've been googling tango? :lol: :lol:

Here's a question. Everywhere I've looked for rules of AT etiquette, I mean EVERYWHERE, there is at least one mention of tango fashions. Everyone says that one should "dress up." And there is website after website with "tango fashions." Beautiful dresses and shoes, and pretty unique styling, too.

What's the deal here? Ballroom dance is pretty elegent. But I've been to plenty of ballroom dances where people were weraing jeans with their dance shoes. So how come tango is the last holdout? Do people really still dress up for tango? Why? Is it cultural (i.e. Argentina), or just a convention? Will things relax over time?

Actually, this might be the dance for me. I love dressing up. :lol: 8)


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At balls I get dressed up. Silk shirt so my partner has something nice to touch. (Some women wear beautiful outfits but the material is horrid to touch. Nothing like a backless dress.)

Milongas I go as the mood takes me. Sometimes casual sometimes smart.

Clean is a must. I know that some milonguero/as take a spare shirt/dress to change into halfway through the evening. Seems like a good idea in hot weather.:roll:


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Yes. Here are the dress/etiquette tips I found at tangoscene.com

tangoscene said:
12. Last but not least: Argentine Tango is an intimate and elegant dance. For a pleasent experience, good hygiene is essential; bathe before lessons or dancing and use deodorant. Use breath fresheners frequently. No or minimal talking while dancing; focus on dancing and floor traffic. Hold off on the aftershave and perfume. Some people are sensitive to them. If you perspire, use a towel or handkerchief often. People as a rule don't like dance partners that are walking wet towels (in the literal sense.) So men, if you perspire heavily, use a towel, take a break and cool down, bring an extra shirt, and change into it at halftime. This is social dance, go to the track if you want an aerobic workout. If you wear glasses, consider contact lenses or removing your glasses while dancing unless you can't see where you're dancing. Getting whacked in the head with someone glasses as they turn their head is not pleasent. One last thing, PLEASE, no jeans, sweat shirts, tennis shoes, or other similar causal attire when you take lessons or go to a dance. Tango is an elegant dance, dress up.
This only makes sense to me. Tango is the closest embrace that I know of, so good hygiene and nice, dry clothes become even more important.

And what's the verdict on backless dresses? Yes or no?
It does seem to be the thing to do. I go to Buenos Aires about 3-4 times a year (its where my fiance is from) and during their summer when you have people dancing impromtu in the streets they seem to more dressed up than I would bother to be for that sort of event. Also the street perfomers, who try to promote their studio or event out in front of the shops near Lavalle and esmeralda street are always very dressed up.

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