tango and fitness

I know people who do folk-dance and the first part of their usual two-hour training is just doing plain physical exercise.

I don't know what a master tanguero would say but, like the folk-dance people, I need to make some good exercise and even some weight-lifting to feel aprropriate while dancing. (In spite of the fact that in my daily life I move quite a lot and I have my normal bodyweight.)

I wonder if it's only me who feels that way?
Marino, I think it's important to do some sort of warm-up regardless of what type of dancing you do. Obviously the more rigourous, the more your muscles need warming. Don't dare try a ballet class without a warm-up.

As for tango, I know in my classes we generally warm up for a few minutes. It's nowhere near appropriate, but it is better than nothing. I don't care how daggy I look, I always warm up before a lesson, even ballroom.


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Totally agree with MadameSamba. Warm up is really important no matter what style one is dancing.

I find it valuable to warm up before a lesson, usually with another person taking the same lesson, or just doing a dance with my instructor before the rest of the individual lesson.

Regarding social dances, I was taking beginner classes prior to my studios dances on Fridays and this always seemed to warm me up. Now that I don't take those any more I have discovered it takes me a few dances to get the juices flowing.

At competitions, there is no way I would compete with out a full warm up. I can be found on the floor early, in a side room, and if not many people are taking advantage of the changing room, maybe even there. I've been known warm up in the dance hall and dance by myself to the music being played for other competitors as my warm up.

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