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I would like to talk to you about Walter Javier Delgado's visit to the UK last December. When he was here he came up to Newcastle on Tyne to put on a Tango fashion show. After the show my wife & two of her friends paid £150 each for dresses from Walter. It is now nine months since December & none of the three ladies have received the dresses from him or a refund of the money. I have tried to contact Walter but he has not answered any of my messages.
Please take this as a warning about dealing with this man. When we receive a refund from him we will inform this forum of the fact.
David Crawford
Thank you for the warning.
After my own, and a few of my friends' disappointing experience, I stopped altogether paying money for the merchandize (in my case, mostly shoes) that does not yet physically exist.
Walter Delgado

Just a follow up warning.
Walter is giving a fashion show of his latest creations this Saturday the 8th Oct in Summertown Oxford.



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Walter Javier Delgado

I just browsed the 2xtango site and checked to see if this guy Walter was the same dress designer I heard about in a DF post. Sure enough, he is. The article, not translated to English, includes his impressive list of clients. What it doesn't mention is the list of women who paid for dresses and never heard from him again.

{I'm commenting after the comment below was posted, because the link to 2xtango disappeared!}

David, this is your chance to post a comment on 2xtango.com
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May a mod explain how it is ok to mention Walter Javier Delgado, saying he is a bad tailor, while it is not ok to mention a tango teachers' name, saying he is a bad teacher ?


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One does not need to be a mod to explain that describing someone as a bad teacher is fairly subjective, while describing someone as a bad [business]person (note that Delgado is not being described as a bad tailor, but as a scammer) is fairly objective, at least in this case.
"Tango" clothes?

A bit tangential, but there are no specific clothes for dancing tango. No one needs to buy anything particularly labelled "tango" except perhaps for shoes.

I live in BsAs and there are several businesses that cater to the tango tourist in that they show a "line" of clothes for tango. But when you go to the milonga you see people dancing in their dress-up or party clothes that have no high side slits, no sequins, no fringe. Locals don't wear fishnets. The dress code for milongas here is "elegant sport."

"Tango clothes," which include striped suits and white scarves for men, really only exist in the imagination, on stage, and in tango tourists' souvenir closets.

If someone loves an outfit, there's no reason not to buy it, but there's no special compulsive reason to buy it for dancing.

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