Tango Formation Team Pranks Instructor

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Teacher got "even" with us! Now she is teaching choreography for a Viennese Waltz formation dance with basically the same group of students. During a recent run through, she speeded up the music! The resulting chaos had us all flummoxed as she giggled uncontrollably. Revenge? Perhaps it was just an accident. STOP LAUGHING MARY!!:D
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I pranked a coach once. If she felt that you were letting your center sink in, she'd grab your belt and yank it forward and up to make the point. One day, I got an old black belt, cut it in half, and then taped it back together with electrical tape so the cut wasn't obvious. I deliberately slumped my posture during the coaching, until she grabbed my belt and yanked -- and it came off in her hand! She nearly died. :D Later, my instructor told me, "you should have worn some really loose pants, so they would have fallen down!" :p

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