Tango Instructors in Australia

Hi folks,

Looking for recommendation of good Tango Instructors in Australia. Living in the most isolated city in the world (Perth) has its draw backs - especially when it comes to Tango teachers here.

Thinking about heading over to the Australian Tango Ferstival in Melbourne later this year and will take the opportunity to take lessons from other instructors.

So can anuybody in Australia recommend anybody ???


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I believe that MadamSamba is from Australia and she does AT. Ask her.

By the way welcome to df! How long have you been doing AT?


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I just have had three beginner lessons in AT, gone to one AT practica, two milongas, and three workshop classes so far. That's the sum of my AT experience. It's great to have another experienced AT tanguero onboard to help me on my journey. :D
Welcome, haplo! As mentioned in our PM, there is PLENTY of tango in Australia, especially Sydney and Melbourne, but I've asked around and Googled your request and this is what I've found:

There's Juan Rando's (juan@starwon.com.au) Tango Salon (http://www.tango.com.au) . Their phone number is 9382 3235 and they're in Subiaco.

There's also Pedro Arandia's www.tangomate.com which, being an old hat at tango, you're probably familiar with.

Hope this helps! :)

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