Tango music for beginners

I was just reading a fascinating article about the type of music to use to introduce new tango dancers to tango because, for most of us outside Argentina or those of us lacking Argentine roots, it's not exactly the type of music one hears every day.

According to the article uncluttered tangos by the likes of Francisco Canaro and Miguel Calo are best because they have a simple beat that's pretty close to the basic tango walk.

Does anyone else have suggestions for pure and simple tango music new tango dancers should grab hold of or, on the other hand, are you of the mind that less experienced tango dancers should simply jump right in and dance to whatever comes their way?


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Keep it simple and steady to start with, a steady beat or for some exercises no beat at all eg. La Hijo De Luna, Nephelis Tango.
now and again something dramatic just to inspire.

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