Tango nuevo top list?


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.. I have never studied Canyengue in detail but roughly I have an idea what it should look like.
Should look like, only if you are trying to be historically accurate. If ones desire is simply to dance, why does a particular style have to be implied. I believe tango should be danced according to ones personal feelings and manner.

Steve Pastor

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Information on when and where something was composed and/or recorded can be useful information when communicating with words. That same information can be used in a too broad, or narrow minded way, and be very limiting.
Same thing with styles of dance.
Blair, and others I'm sure, has written that dance responds music, so that when the "music changes", dance styles change, too.
Canyengue is interesting to me because I enjoyed the freedom to move differently in the AT environment that can feel so confining. It's interesting, too, to note that some writers more or less dismiss the existence of the style, and the contribution of African (South) Americans to AT.


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Perhaps quiet a bit ! LaCumparsita is a Canyengue piece. So if the recording underlines these characteristics, one could try to dance this way. I have never studied Canyengue in detail but roughly I have an idea what it should look like. The majority of the recordings are in a Salón style manner.
"La cumparsita" was initially a little march, composed by the young student of architecture, Gerardo Hernán Matos Rodríguez on an uncertain date, that we can place between the late 1915 and the early 1916, for the carnival marching band organized by the Federation of Students of Uruguay, precisely for the on-coming celebrations."

from Todotango website


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Tango in Harlem (Touch and go)
Karma coma (Massive attack)
Plush Mix (Steve Arguelelles)
Bachelorette (Bjork)
Cornflake girl (Tori Amos)
Mad world (Alex Parks cover)
Precious (Depeche Mode)
Say it ain't so (Murray Head)
Several songs from the Virgin Suicides soundtrack (Breathe me, Playground love, highschool lover)
Several songs from the Amelie Poulain soundtrack (j'y suis jamais allé, la valse des vieux os, les jours tristes)

That's not too many titles but if all the trolls who invaded your thread, starting with Janice, had posted titles instead then you'd have your 40 songs easy.
I would never believe that my post and request for music would stir such a debate! Some of the nuevo songs I have heard are really nice so I am trying to find similar ones. That's why I asked for you help and suggestions for artists and songs are greatly appreciated. Thank you all.
No problem. And welcome to our little world :)

PS I am learning to dance both Tango Salon and Tango Nuevo. I like the techniques and the balance of the Tango Nuevo. I enjoy more the feeling of the close embrace of Tango salon and find it more practical to dance it in milongas when not in my school. While dancing I always have in my mind the word respect. I respect what others like and dance. Even Argentinians themselves are still debating whether tango nuevo is tango or not, so you think we can solve it for them here?!
Good for you.

That sounds like an eminently constructive and positive way of approaching things.


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is this anothe sub-genre; rock themed tangos? the best tangos I ever danced was to Stairway to Heaven.. with a certain tangoing Rock Chick. sighs with the memory....

going to have a nostalgic listen to Wishbone Ash
And next thing you know, people are going to be calling out requests to the DJ....


"Whipping Post!"

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