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I'd say if you found something that works for you- keep with it! That's a good thing. It may all just be down to trial and error.

One thing I have found is that the last open backs I tried, I took the smaller size and it fit fine. I've been finding that in CiF, the "stiffer" the material, the tighter the shoe seems to be on me. So even though I wear a US 6-6.5, if it's a suede or velvet open toe I'm fine in the 6. If it's leather or patent or brocade, the 6 won't fit me except in an open back shoe (and a 7 is too big). But by then the front is so stiff anyway that I couldn't even imagine wearing them. (Really sensitive feet!)

Let us know on TSD how those low heel CiF do. I think they might look nice with pants.

@ Laelia : LS has it right, just find something comfortable and flexible to wear. In the end, I think it's good for tango if your feet can flex and you are comfortable in it. But I agree that most "character" shoes would not be a good choice.

I don't have anything against sude soles myself and several Argentine brands use suede bottoms on their shoes (Tango Brujo comes to mind first) so it doesn't make it "not tango" if you decide you like sude on the bottom.

The benefit of leather is you can wear it on the street and they are "slicker". The downside is a lot of the delicate leather bottoms like CIF uses on the bottom get so scratched up if you are on a crappy floor that after 3-4 wearings, you'd have been better off with suede that you could have cleaned the grit out of. You'll never get those CiF bottoms smooth again after they have been scratched.

Darcos, on the other hand, uses a pretty sturdy leather on their shoes and it resists scratching more than the CiF I have had, IMHO. Jorge Nel seems to use the MOST sturdy leather. I wore my pair on the WORST floor that would have thoroughly botched CIF and they didn't even have a scratch.

A good compromise is what some companies (like Neotango) use- a cromo half sole. It's a leather sole with a thin layer of a very very tight nap suede overlay on the front part- sturdy and flexible!

Another on I like is Greta Flora. They leave the front part as "raw" leather so it feels a little velvety and seems to hold up well. None of mine have scratched to date and I can brush them at the end of the evening to get the gunge off. (But I never wear these on really bad floors anyway).

Well- another verbose shoe thesis...hope it helps...
Hi bastet, yup, I think perhaps I should post my CIF stories on TSD! Not received the new model yet so will post on there when they arrive.

I think all this super feedback just shows how individual a thing it is and it's also good to hear that everyone has their own foibles to deal with. I don't have sensitive feet like yourself but I do have rather weak feet but hard leathers are fine for me but when it comes to soles I can't do extremes, soft, flexible BR shoes don't give me enough support and shoes with a steel shank (I think Oobashoe was mentioned earlier in the thread and I think they have steel shanks) are just too inflexible - I had a pair of street shoes with a steel shank and they weren't that great.

The only thing I'll add is that I don't mind getting my fine leather soled CIFs messed up and scratched, they still function well for me, I actually wore them on a regular night out in a bit of a dive with water and broken glass on the floor - yikes! But they're fine! And I found that with the harder leather soles (such as Jorge Nel) if you've got a very slick floor they are super, super slippy. I never got into the habit of brushing the soles of my BR shoes (oops) so they are just very smooth, now but they are fine, not too slippy.
edited to add: I've also found that as my technique has improved, I need less "grip" from the shoe. So my other advice would be to avoid spending too much while you are still trying to figure out what you like and what works for you. It might change as you learn more styles, dance more places, and generally improve your technique.
Me too - I need a lot less grip than I used to. And my preference for height has changed over time, in both directions at different times for different reasons. I too would suggest not spending too much on a first pair.
I must say, you have one of the worst web sites I've ever been on, with respect to trying to order anything. Visually speaking, it's not bad, but functionally speaking, it's basically useless.
Hi Dchester,

Sorry I should have explained a bit more about what we do. The reason why we don't have much stock is because we really focus on custom shoes. If there is a shoe you are interested in customizing we can definitely help you out. I was also wondering if you could be more specific in your feed back about what you mean by "functionally useless". Do you mean it is hard to order something or hard to find what you want? It looks like the time you were viewing our site was when we just launched. Since then we have made many functional updates to the site so maybe you want to check back and take a look? We appreciate your feedback and help in helping us to try and serve the dance community better.

Thanks for the info. On the website I see only shoes for ballroom dancing so far. Do you plan to sell tango shoes in the future?
Hi Lilly,

We do plan to increase our stock very soon. I would check back in a month or so. If you have a pair of shoes in mind that you would like to customize let me know. Our factory can probably make it for you. Hope that helps.

Darcos Tango shoes not worth the money..

These are advertised as handmade,and with all the hype, I bought a pair. They were too wide at the toes and had very little padding. They looked so pretty and well made on the website,but were very ordinary looking shoes when I got them. The soles were very thin leather,and would not seem to hold up to a lot of use. I think for shoes that are over a hundred dollars,they should be of a better, sturdier quality. They were returned right away and credited(after 2 months),but Darcos did not reimburse me for the postage to send them back, even though they promised that they would. The customer service person said yes,she had said that but sorry,couldn't do it after all. According to them, the shoes were the right size,I just didn't like them,and they would only credit the shoes.

My advice is,if you can't try them on first,don't order ANY shoes online,but most especially from anywhere outside of the U.S,and especially from Darcos Tango.
I learned the hard way.


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These are advertised as handmade,and with all the hype, I bought a pair. They were too wide at the toes and had very little padding. They looked so pretty and well made on the website,but were very ordinary looking shoes when I got them. The soles were very thin leather,and would not seem to hold up to a lot of use
My Darcos are my 2nd favorite pair! (The veryfine ballroom shoes I mentioned upthread still hold the number one spot, except when I am on sticky floors)

However, I admit to buying them at Darcos in BA, so I got to see them up close and personal as well as try them on. The soles were super slick when I got them and I ravaged them with a wire brush. They have held up well, but they are not my primary pair. I'd say I wear them about once (sometimes twice) per month for the last 2 years. I've gotten compliments on them, but they are an unusual color and style. They are extremely well balanced.

I actually found that they were a bit snug in the toes (they are a closed toe shoe). I have to agree about the padding, though.. there is none. I really wish I had room in the shoe to stick in a metatarsal pad of some sort... If they had been wide at the toes as yours were, I'd be all set. The strap was ridiculously short though... I had to punch a hole in the very end. It almost doesn't fasten at all. If I'd needed another 1/2" of strap, I'd be out of luck!

I have heard however, that Darcos run the gamut. You can try on several pairs in a size and some will be too big while others are too small. I don't think I would recommend getting them sight unseen, but if you do have a chance to buy "live", I think they are a pretty good shoe.. just leave room in your fit for a metatarsal pad insert.

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