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There is going to be what looks like a three week run at the Peacock Theatre here in London of Tango por Dos.

The Peacock Theatre is part of the larger, perhaps more well known theatre, Sadler's Wells.

Tango Por Dos whisks the audience through the tango's exotic history, featuring forms of the dance reminiscent of Argentinian clubs, the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, through to the international dance sensation it has become today - simmering, sexy and utterly captivating.

The Company leads the audience back to the vibrant essence of the tango, to show how the tango has become one of the most popular and elegant dance forms in the world.
I am going to go and see it :banana:

Have you seen any shows? What did you like/dislike (if anything :wink: )about it?
Oh, Pacion, that sounds fabulous! Wish I could whip over to the UK for the day! Beam me up, Scottie.

For us poor souls unable to make it to your neck of the woods, there's lots of info on the Tango Por Dos show Pacion mentioned {non working url removed}


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Oh by the way- just to make you :twisted: really jealous I saw all the dancers in a tango club after a performance having a hearty meal

Jenn just go ahead and invite some Argentine dancers over. What's stopping you?


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pygmalion said:
I live in the figurative cultural outback. I doubt I'll ever see anything like that here, unless I organize it and bring it to town.
I hear ya - we don't even have a dance studio or a swing or salsa club here, let alone dance shows! It's almost an hour and a half drive each way to find dancing!

As soon as I graduate I'm leaving this God-forsaken excuse for a college town . . . :x


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C'mon you guys (and gals)

There was no tango here until (to be read in a gravelly voice)
I rode into this one hoss town. You could see all the women folk locking up thier daughters when they recognised the Bordertangoman-with-no-name, with the smell of Buenos Aires and the Pampa.
I walked into a bar and said to the barman 'I'm hear to teach tango'
You could hear the place go quiet except for the scrape of chair legs on the dusty floor and the smell of sweat and fear.
' You can have the back room senõr' the barman said but not before I had to shoot a couple of loudmouth gringos who said they only did disco dancing in this town and there was no room for a tango teacher
They were wrong. Now there's a dozen people who can dance.
The women folk still keep thier daughters locked up, but that's because thier coming to tango.
Oh, you're too funny BTM! You should write! :)
Mind you, perhaps the locals lock up their daughers because you're such a smoothie with words, who knows how you dance! :) From the sounds of it, pardner, I'd do the same.
:oops: Andrew Lloyd Webber isn't all bad :wink:

Okay, I am home now :lol: and oh my, oh my, oh my! I think I am in love now! It was amazing, incredible, beautiful, intricate, complex, funny, inspiring, I want to dance AT now! :shock: :shock: If I stamp my foot hard enough, do you think it will happen :lol:

Where should I start? The scenery was amazing. In terms of physical setup, very little but very clever in terms of use of steps and projections on the backwall. The projections and other lighting was wow, wow, wow! I want to know "how did they do that!"

The music was good. My appreciation of tango music is fairly restricted so I can't elaborate further. There were some very nice pieces and the band/orchestra/musicians were excellent. There were two violins and my hair was on end alot of the time. There were a couple of singers, one of them by the name of Ricardo Marin. Beautiful voice.

Costumes/dresses were gorgeous. The girls were amazing. As for the shoes, I think I could become a serious contender to Imelda Marcos. :lol:

The guys were wonderful, looking so dashing and wonderful in their suits. Mama Mia! :oops: There was a fun piece where they wore what looked like blacksuits but brightly coloured shoes :lol: I thought it was hilarious. You really focussed on their footwork then :lol:

The founder of Compana Tango por Dos, Miguel Angel Zotto, I think/believe I would marry him tomorrow :!: if he was single and I was his type :lol: and of course, I would have to find someone to introduce us :lol: Elegance, joy, passion for dance personified :lol: There is a piece where he dances with four of the dancers who were pretending to be mannequins in the windows of a department store. They do a "traditional tango, a valz cruzado with tango, a milonga and a rock n roll". It was great. I think it was in the milonga that he did a very clever routine using the edge of the stage and dancing along the line of it. It was funny, very skillful and very entertaining. The rock n roll was a comedy element and they danced to Elvis Presley's Hound Dog. He had the audience laughing. As part of the routine, he did a threesome. Oh, and the fluidity in his knees :shock:

The principal female dancer was gorgeous! According to the programme, she studied intensively with Miguel Angel Zotto and there was a certain chemistry that was evident between them. I had the impression that they really enjoyed dancing together.

There were times when I thought I recognised some salsa shines :lol: but then, I might have been imagining things :wink:

The technique, precision, speed of the footwork :shock: it was just beautiful.

The only complaint I have with the show is the programme :? Whilst it was one of the more user friendly ones I have seen, there were no photos of the dancers with their profiles. Apart from two or three people, I am not sure who is who :oops: What I did like about it though was that it had a small glossary so I was able to learn something/put things into context. Oh, and it could have had more photos! The scenery! :lol:

I don't normally buy programmes, but as a keepsake/memento, it would be lovely if it had more photos to facilitate those memories :D

There was a lot for me to take in though so I think I am just going to have to go and see it again :banana:

PS. It seems 2 or 3 of the dancers were in Tango, Assassination Tango and Miguel Angel Zotto was involved in a documentary with Robert Duval. Sigh! I think I just found another subject in MAZ to Google :lol:
Thanks for the update, Pacion! I wish I could see the show, but your description is lovely. 8)

Andrew Lloyd Webber--if I have to hear one more cheesy lounge lizard entertainer sing, "The Music of the (Freakin) Night," I'm gonna go to the next open mic night and do "Send in the Clowns." :twisted:
Pacion.. i recently had the pleasure of watching the Tango Festival Performances that took place in Argentina 2003 on DVD .. bought by a friend who was at this years festival that just took place recently.. i would advise u to purchase that off the net because like WOWZASITOS!! :banana: .. i'll never be the same again 8)

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